Remote Charge Point Control

Optimise the Utilisation of your Charge Points


Through your online portal, you can easily start and stop charge sessions on your charge point(s). This way, the charge sessions of electric cars that are fully charged can be stopped remotely. Once stopped, the charge cables are automatically unlocked. The charge points will no longer be occupied and other employees or visitors can charge their car right away.

Why Remote Charge Point Control?


  • Invest less money in (additional) charging infrastructure
  • Optimise the utilisation of your charge points
  • Maximise the availability of the charge points for employees and visitors
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership

Receive instant notifications about charging status

Receive e-mail notifications if the status of your charge point(s) changes from ‘charging’ to ‘occupied’. This means that an electric car is fully charged and that another car can use the charge point. No need to check your portal all the time.

We have you covered

Is the charge cable stuck? Or does the charge card fail to work? No problem! You can start and stop the charge session and reset the charge point with just one click.

  • A click away from solving potential issues
  • Resume charge sessions right away
  • No need for customer support

How to use Remote Charge Point Control and E-mail Notifications in

  • Log in with your account
  • Go to your portal
  • Select the tab 'charge points'. You can implement the various remote actions using the options button next to the charge point status indication: reset charge point, stop session, start session
  • Switch on “E-mail Notifications” if you would like them enabled, and simply enter your e-mail address

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