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Powering the e-mobility movement

We are NewMotion. We are on a mission to enable everybody to drive as many miles as possible powered by clean electricity.

What drives us?

We want to preserve the world for future generations. From more sustainable transport to smarter energy ecosystems: we believe it is time to speed up the transition to a lower-carbon world. With our passion for e-mobility, we empower people to go electric and charge smart.

NewMotion — Powering the E-Mobility Movement

NewMotion — Powering the E-Mobility Movement

Smart charging solutions for everyone

No matter your customers' lifestyle, business, car, or budget, we are committed to making electric driving as simple and convenient to as many people as possible.

We do this by designing, building, and supporting smart charging solutions for business charging, home charging and charging on-the-go. Our award-winning services include charge points and a mobile app and charge card, that provide access to 125,000 charge points in over 35 countries - the largest charging network of Europe.

With some of the most passionate and experienced minds on our side, we make sure that each charging solution is easy and accessible. We empower our customers to charge smart and provide a complete package of services, including advanced insights, control and guidance that help them to optimise the use of vehicles and charge locations.

As our network grows, driving an electric vehicle is becoming more convenient than ever. Today, we are proud to be Europe’s largest smart charging partner.

Our core values


We are your partner in e-mobility: we are always available to offer you personal and professional advice. We treat you in an open and honest way, leading 9 out of 10 customers to recommend us.


Our goal is to create tailored solutions that meet your budget and give you the flexibility to buy or lease. We put your goals in the first place and ensure our solutions support these in the most efficient way.


Our experts develop innovative and intuitive charging products and services. Smart technology is at the core of all of our products, making them easy to use for both drivers and location owners.


Our technology allows end-drivers to charge anywhere efficiently, with one single app or card. And as a location owner, you easily manage and control your charge points to ensure optimal cost-efficiency.


With our solutions, we help save the planet over 2,000 tonnes of carbon yearly. We contribute to a more sustainable form of mobility by enabling everyone to charge easy and smart, wherever they go.

Our History

0684NM01 History V4

It’s been 10 years since we founded NewMotion. In this time, we’ve brought about an evolution in electric charging by providing EV-drivers with easy to use smart charging solutions, connected to the largest network of Europe. Discover the highlights of our journey of being 10 years in charge.

Learn more about the e-mobility movement

Power your knowledge by reading our wide range of articles, blogs and reports on EV charging.

Join NewMotion to be a part of the change

Contribute to the clean generation by becoming a part of a passionate, international and determined organisation.

Access Europe’s largest public charging network

Search and find more than 125,000 public charge points in the neighbourhood and on the road across 35 countries. Request your personal charge card through the Shell Recharge app.

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