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Lease Drivers

Which charge card should I use?

If you have a charge card from your lease company (Xximo/Travelcard/Multitankcard) we recommend to always use this card also at home. Please note: If another card is used, costs of charge sessions might not be reimbursed or debited from the user's own account.

How does automatic reimbursement work?

The automatic reimbursement can be configured in your my.newmotion.com user account. Once configured, we will make sure that each month, an invoice will be sent to the bank account attached to the charge card (in case of a lease card this will be the lease company’s bank account). A credit note of the same amount is at the same time sent to the refund account. This way, each month you will be compensated for the costs of the electricity at home. See how to setup automatic reimbursement here: watch the video.

Please note: when activating a new charge card, automatic reimbursement will not be set-up automatically. Please ensure to take the steps under ‘charge points’ in your personal myNewMotion account to configure the reimbursement up for each new card.

How can I set up automatic reimbursement for charging at home?

To have your business miles automatically reimbursed by your employer or lease company, watch the video on how to set up automatic reimbursement for charging at home.

What if I don't have a lease card (yet) and I want to set up reimbursement by my employer or my own company?

If have not not received a charge card from your leasing company yet (for example a MultiTankcard), but want to start charging right away, you can manually extract a report of your charge session history and submit your mileage claim to your employer. To be able to extract a report, you need to clarify these points:

  • Do you have a Home Standard or Home Fast charge point? Select “You pay for the electricity costs for charging” under step 4
  • Do you have a Home Advanced charge point? Request and link your own NewMotion charge card, or call our Customer Service Team to add a temporary card

As soon as you receive the charge card provided by your employer or leasing company, you can go back to the “who pays for charging?” step and adapt your settings as follows: In the “Connect a Charge Card” step, you can add your lease charge card. Your electricity costs will then be automatically reimbursed by your employer/leasing company. See the video on 'How to activate automatic reimbursement'

If you will not receive a charge card from your employer/lease company, you can select “I don't have a charge card” and then configure a payment account manually. In this case your employer needs to provide you the business billing account.

What happens if I lose my Xximo/Travelcard/MultiTankcard?

Make sure to block your card and request a new one by informing your lease company. When You receive your new card, please ensure that you activate it and reinstate automatic reimbursement, by using your myNewMotion account.

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