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Charge Point

I want to order a new charge point, where can I do that?

For information about which type of charge point, or to directly order a charge point, either submit the "Get started" form on the top right of the website or call us on +44 (0) 2038681036.

How do I activate a charge card and charge point?

Watch this helpful video which demonstrates charge card and charge point activation. Please note that charge card activation can also be completed in the app.

Why do I need a subscription for my charge point?

Our subscription service, linked with your charge point, enables you to use our back office, making your own charge point ‘smart’. The subscription enables insight into the charge sessions on your charge point, allows price configuration for guest use and enables you to be automatically reimbursed for your charge sessions by your employer. More information about the benefits of the subscription can be found here.

What do the colours of the charge point icons in the app mean?

  • Green – Available
  • Blue – Occupied
  • Red – Out of Service
  • Grey – Unknown

What do the LED colours on the charge point mean?

  • None – the charge point is not being used and is available for charging.
  • Green – a cable is attached to the charge point, the charge point is ‘occupied’.
  • Blue – the charge point is providing power to the electric vehicle.
  • Red – an error has occurred: for instance the charge point doesn’t recognise your card. Please see the troubleshooting FAQ for the Home Advanced, Business Pro & Business Lite or the FAQ for the Home Standard, when the problem persists.
  • Yellow - the charge point is waiting for the driver to take action, either to connect your car with the charge point, plug the cable or to swipe your charge card

Is there an issue with your charge point? Please see our troubleshooting for your home charge point: FAQ for the Home Advanced, Business Pro & Business Lite or the FAQ for the Home Standard.

Is it possible to charge my electric car up to 100% with a fast charger?

When charging your car with a fast charger it is possible to charge up to 80% in 15-30 minutes. The charger needs to slow the charging session down towards the end of the session to avoid harming the battery. Therefore, when the battery has reached 80% the charger slowly stops the charge session.

I am moving house, what should I do?

If the charge point is your property, you can take it along to your new home. We recommend using a local electrician who is familiar with the product. You can change the address in the user account on my.newmotion.com. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Service Team.

If you are unsure about who owns the charge point, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Where can I find the serial number for my Charge Point?

You need the serial number to be able to register your charge point. Depending on the charge point model, the serial number can be found either on the right side or on the bottom of the charge point.

How can I charge without using a charge card with my Home Advanced charge point?

With a Home Advanced charge point, the standard setting is that you start and stop charge sessions by swiping your charge card along the RFID reader. If you prefer, you can set your charge point to “plug & charge” instead whereby the charge session is started and stopped simply by plugging or unplugging your charging cable. With this setting, there’s no need to use your charge card. You can simply change your settings via your myNewMotion account.

Watch the video for instructions.

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