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Ad Hoc Charging

Information for electric cars drivers

In the United Kingdom, you can use NewMotion charge points ad-hoc, without being in possession of a charge card. You can easily start charging by scanning the QR sticker on the charge point and pay for charging online with VISA Card or MasterCard.

How does this work? Ad-hoc charging is only possible if the charge point has a QR sticker placed on it. If a sticker is present, follow the below steps:

  1. Scan the QR code on the sticker with your mobile camera or type in the URL tnm.iol / … in the browser.
  2. Enter your credit card information and start charging.
  3. Press the 'Stop charging' button when you want to stop charging.

I closed the browser window, and cannot finish charging. What do I do? Scan the QR code again with the same phone. The web page opens automatically and you can stop the loading process.

Is my credit card information safe at NewMotion? Yes. NewMotion handles your credit card information with care and meets all requirements of the PCI Security Standards Council (www.pcisecuritystandards.org). Your credit card information will not be stored or processed by NewMotion, but we will process the payment via our partner Ayden. Ayden is a world-leading payment platform and is subject to stringent controls by the PCI Security Standards Council.

How much does 'ad-hoc' charging cost? Since the ad-hoc charging process is more complicated than normal charging via a charge card, we charge a small surcharge of 10% in addition to the normal charging tariffs. Do you want to charge cheaper? Then we recommend that you request a free charge card!

How will the amount be charged through my credit card? Once you start charging, we reserve 10 € on your credit card to make sure the credit card is valid. As soon as you finish charging, the € 10 will be canceled and the actual charge will be charged.

Do I get a receipt for the charging process? Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. We are exploring the possibility of possibly offering this service in the future. At the moment, the payment is only documented via your VISA or MasterCard billing.

I'm trying to charge in a car park, but have no internet connection. What now? Scan the QR code with your mobile phone. The page will not load, but do not close it. Go to a point where you have internet connection and refresh the page to reload it. Follow the instructions on the screen (as described above).

Ad-hoc charging - Information for charge point owners

Setting up charge points for ad-hoc charging. How does it work? Each charge point must be provided with a sticker that has an individual scannable QR / NFC code. For each individual charge point an individual sticker is needed. These QR / NFC stickers are provided to you by NewMotion.

Order now your QR stickers for ad-hoc charging.

  • NewMotion sends you a label with individual QR code per charge point. You get a clear overview of which sticker is coupled to which charge point (differentiated by means of identification number / ID).
  • Stick the stickers with the individual code to the respective charge points.
  • EV drivers can, as usual, charge with the charge card. Electric motorists who do not have a charge card can scan the QR code with their smartphone, charge it ad-hoc and pay for it.

What do EV drivers need to do to be able to charge ad-hoc? EV drivers can, as usual, charge with the charge card. EV drivers who do not have a charge card will scan the QR code on the sticker with their smartphone and follow the instructions to charge and pay directly.

Is it mandatory to publish my charge points and allow ad-hoc charging? No, you are not obliged to publish your charge points and make them available for guest use. This is your own decision. As soon as you publish your charge points and allow the use of third parties, they must enable ad-hoc charging.

How can I issue the publication of my charge points in my.newmotion.com?

  1. Log in with your user account at my.newmotion.com.
  2. Select the "Charge points" icon.
  3. Open the detail information of the respective charge points.
  4. Select or deselect "Publish my charging location."

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