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Charge point installation

We know that the decision to go electric is an exciting one and that you’ll want to ensure your home charging installation goes as smoothly as possible. On this page, you will learn about the whole installation process, what you can expect and the terms and conditions. We work hand in hand with you throughout the intake and installation process, ensuring your experience is a seamless one from start to finish.

Standard installation of a charge point at home

Installation conditions may vary depending on your package


Typical deviations from a standard installation

  • Pole mounting: If you choose a pole mounted charge point, extra civil work will be required for cabling and mounting on a concrete base.
  • Router connection: when the mobile signal is not strong enough, or for charge point types without cellular connection, we will need to connect the charge point directly to your router.
  • Dynamic Power Management (DPM): Dynamic Power Management ensures that the available power from your home connection is distributed in the best way possible without overloading your grid connection. Installing Dynamic Power Management requires a separate module and additional modifications and configuration.

Installation conditions

Precise installation conditions depend on the package that you have chosen. Read the full local terms and conditions to know exactly what costs to expect.

Read full installation terms and conditions


Preparing for the installation appointment

Optimally prepare the installation of your charge point and check all points below before your appointment. This way, together we ensure a smooth installation. Need to change your installation date? Please contact +31880 109500 at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled install date to let us know and prevent cancellation costs from being charged.


Before installation

  • Ensure that you can be at home for the duration of the installation.
  • Check whether your meter cupboard has a mains switch.
  • Prepare for the power to be turned off for 30 minutes during installation.
  • Check that your crawl space is dry and accessible as the technician must pass through the crawl space during the installation.
  • Make sure that the installers will have access to all the spaces they will need to work in, both inside and out.

During installation

  • The installer will be present within 2 hours of the specified time period.
  • Together with the installer, you’ll check whether the location and the type of charge point are correct as stated in the installation plan.
  • Ensure all sensitive equipment is turned off before the power is temporarily turned off by the technician to connect the charge point to the meter box.

After installation

  • Review the installation of the charge point with the installer
  • Accept and sign the work order after correct work completion on the charge point.
  • Activate your account on our my.newmotion.com user platform
  • Add the serial number of your charge point and your charge card number to your myNewMotion account.
  • More information on setting up your myNewMotion account.

Frequently asked questions on installations

The installation can take up to one full working day, depending on your specific situation and requirements.

Yes, our installation partner needs access to the distribution board in your home, as well as the entire cable path between the distribution board and future charge point location. They will need to check some points with you at the start and provide you with a quick demonstration at the end. You will also be asked to sign-off the work. We, therefore, need you to be present at least for the start and end of the installation and to be easily reachable for the duration of the installation.

You can reschedule an installation appointment free of charge up to 48 hours prior to the start of the installation. Please contact NewMotion to reschedule your appointment between (09:00-18:00) at +44 (0)20 3868 1036.

Our standard installation includes:

  • Wall mounting of a socketed charge point to your home
  • Standard white coloured cover
  • 3m (10 ft) of internal cabling and 5m (17 ft) of external cabling
  • 2-year warranty (with the opportunity to extend)

If your installation falls outside these parameters, our installer partner will discuss your options and any extra work required.

You need to check if your crawling space is dry, so the installer can safely access. When there is water in the crawl space, the installer cannot do its work and we need to reschedule, leading to cancellation costs. You must, therefore, always let us know at least 2 days in advance when the crawling space is wet, so we can reschedule the appointment.

Please contact your grid operator.

  • Ease of use: make sure the charging point is in a place where the car's charging socket can easily reach with the chosen cable length.
  • Mounting: Keep in mind that when mounting to the wall, holes are made in the outer wall.
  • Substrate: installation of the charging point or burial of cables on substrates such as asphalt, concrete or cement is not possible
  • Dynamic Power Management: if you want to install this module, the cable route from the meter cupboard to the charging point must not exceed 20 meters.