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The Amount of People Driving EV's


We are happy to see an increasing amount of people choosing the electric way of life. This week we are going to discuss the amount of electric vehicles on the road worldwide, and where people charge.

In our previous blog post, we showed that from 2009, until the end of August 2016, over 300,000 EV’s were sold in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Total Electric Vehicles Worldwide

At the end of 2015 there were 1,256,900 EV’s on the road in 40 countries (International Energy Agency, 2016). By the end of August in 2016 another 438,066 EV’s were registered (EV Sales Blogspot, 2016). This means that in total there are at least 1,694,966 electric vehicles registered worldwide up until August 2016.

Total Electric Vehicles in Europe

According to EVObsession.com (2016) there are around 500,000 electric vehicles on the road now in Europe and this amount keeps on rising. In the first half of 2016, 91,300 EV’s, both PHEV and BEV’s, were sold in Europe. The first quarter of 2016 was more promising than the second quarter, which could have been the result of the taxation policies. The biggest drops in the market were in Denmark and The Netherlands.

Total Electric Vehicles in the UK

The electric fleet in the UK sums up to approximately 50,000 registered electric vehicles. This amount has especially been growing since 2013, when there were only 3,500 EV registrations. This growth is something we like to see. What the future is for the EV and what we need to achieve the goal set for the UK in 2020, will be discussed next week, so stay tuned!

A comparison between 2015 and 2016


Where to charge?

There are three options for EV’s to charge. You can charge at home, at your workplace and on the road. In our NewMotion app we have more than 80,000 charge points listed as publicly available. These are not all of our own NewMotion charge points, but you can charge there with our charge card.

The amount of public charge points is only growing and we are excited about this. Nissan stated that the electric vehicle charge points will outnumber the petrol stations by 2020 (The Guardian, 2016).

Do you want to know where you can charge your car? Download our NewMotion app in the Apple Store or in Google Play!