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10 years in charge of journeys

From boosting business rides and calm commuting to relaxing road trips.

For the past 10 years, we’ve been on a mission to enable everybody to drive as many kilometres as possible powered by clean energy. Through our smart EV charging solutions our drivers have already saved tonnes of CO2 and driven an incredible 1.84 billion km, that’s 46,000 times around the earth. We are proud to empower single drivers and corporate fleets switch to electric and get from A to B, in a more sustainable way. To celebrate a decade of being in charge, we look back to some moving EV journeys of the past 10 years.

The start of many journeys

All journeys start with the right equipment. For electric driving, this basically means three things: an electric vehicle, a charge point and a driver's license. In 2012, the Dutch driving school EigenWegWijs collaborated with NewMotion to prove that electric driving education is feasible and offered driving courses in an electric driver training car.

In May 2012, the first electric driver's license of the world was acquired. The Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Joop Atsma, handed out the license to the 29-year old Kim Taylor. The fact that one can now acquire a driver's license with an electric car illustrates that driving electric is on its way to maturity, Atsma highlighted during the festive handover.

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Commuting journeys

We want to bring the adoption of electric cars to the masses. That's why we partner with leasing companies and fleet operators like Arval, that help businesses to easily supply their employees with EV's and the best charging solutions. Today, more and more of commuting journeys are made electric and we're excited to see that number growing.

Gido Roelofs is one of the people that commute daily with an EV. When the tax for his Volkswagen Golf increased from 14 to 22%, he proposed the E-Golf - for which the tax only was 4% - to his employer. Guido tried the electric vehicle for a week and was sold immediately. "With no more than a few hundred kilometres per day, you can perfectly commute electric. It actually has many advantages: it drives super comfortable as it is so quiet and I never have to scrape ice from the windows."

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Business journeys

Not only driving electric to work is beneficial, but driving electric also has many advantages for businesses including less frequent and costly maintenance and various tax benefits. No surprise that the number of EV's used for business has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. Mail delivery companies, taxi drivers or parking watchers; they all benefit from driving electric.

Since 2017, Beson BV, an Amsterdam located distribution company, has worked together with NewMotion to deliver electric vehicle packages. The largest driver for Beson to go electric is to contribute to a better environment. "The cars are better than fossil cars and with the recent developments, the advantages will rise further" mentions the owner. And with the cloud-connected services, Beson always has insights into the actual status of their fleet.

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Holiday journeys

The past 10 years, we did everything in our power to make driving electric easy and accessible. By setting up international partnerships, like the one with ACE in Germany, we expanded our grid internationally and today, EV drivers have access to over 125,000 charge points throughout Europe. Our international billing settlement ensures all billing comes on one global invoice, so drivers that travel internationally never have to worry about payment methods or multiple invoices any longer.

Henk Smit is one of the people that enjoys going on holiday with his electric vehicle. Last year, Henk went to Denmark with his Opel Ampera-e. By using the NewMotion and ANWB apps, he found it remarkably easy to plan a route with sufficient charging stations ahead. And even though it required some preparation, the holiday was comfortable and relaxing and Henk would definitely do it again.

Always on our way

At NewMotion, we realise that making electric charging available to the masses will help drive the future of electric charging. And that you are always on your way. That's why we facilitate charging solutions everywhere. Whether you're on your way or stopping by at an Horeca establishment or park at superstore parking places such as IKEA, we offer you easy and accessible charging, no matter where your journey leads you.

At NewMotion, we're always on a journey too. Whether it is by expanding our borders with roaming agreements or via technological tracks to update our hard- and software: we're always heading towards a more sustainable future of transportation. Keep following our journey by signing up for our newsletter or liking us on social media by using the buttons below.