High-Performance Charging Solutions

We develop high-performance, rigorously-tested charge points, suitable for all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Why Choose NewMotion Charge Points

Fast and Efficient

Charging up to 60% faster than your regular 230V wall outlet, our charge points deliver up to 20 km/hour, depending on your car.

Smart and Insightful

We deliver a host of smart services, including in-depth charging data and automatic reimbursement.

Certified Safety

Certified by leading safety standards, our charge points are protected by advanced hardware and are fully weatherproof, providing speed and convenience all in one compact design.

Award-winning Design

Combining award-winning aesthetics with functional design and smart technology.

Flexible and Adaptive

No matter your location, our charge points can be installed on any type of surface, indoors or outdoors.

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Meet our Charge Point Solutions

For Business

Business Pro

Business Pro

The Business Pro, our 4th generation charging station and the essential choice for business use, provides the ideal basis for which to grow your charging location

  • Dynamic Power Sharing between multiple charging units and Dynamic Power Managemen between your building and charging infrastructure
  • Optimal use of the available power. Generally, no upgrade required.
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Business Lite

Business Lite

The smart, affordable charge point, ideal for expanding your charging location.

For Home

Home Standard

Home Standard

Home Standard is the affordable, smart charging station for electric cars that can charge up to 3.7 kW.

  • Faster and safer than a regular electrical outlet
  • Online user portal with insight into charging data and history
  • Automatic reimbursement of charging costs (no guest use)
  • Customisable in any color
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Home Fast

Home Fast

Home Fast is online connected, weatherproof, certified and compatible with all electric cars. Get an optional smart upgrade and benefit from our intelligent charging services.

  • High charging speed (up to 7.4 kW) – up to 3* times faster than a standard socket
  • Future proof: suitable for the EVs of today and tomorrow
  • Certified Safety
  • Online connected – ability to upgrade to smart features at any time**
  • Plug & Charge only
  • Automatic Reimbursement of charging costs (no guest usage)**
  • With a 3-phase connection, the charge point can even charge up to 22 kW (up to 8 times faster than a standard wall socket delivering up to 110 kph).

This is optional and not included in the standard costs. Some services may require an additional.

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Home Advanced

Home Advanced

Home Advanced is our 3rd generation charge point: online connected, weatherproof, certified and compatible with all electric cars.

  • High charging speed (up to 7.4* kW) - up to 3* times faster than a standard socket
  • Certified Safety
  • Online connected via GPRS - no ethernet landline required**
  • Access management: authentication of users via charge card (RFID)**
  • Certified meter for Auto-Reimbursement of charging costs and guest usage**
  • Future proof: suitable for today's and tomorrow's EV's
  • Some services may require an additional
  • Learn more about subscriptions

Tailor-made, neatly packaged solutions for all your charging needs

Leasing Company Solutions

Expand your offering to capture the EV switch among your end drivers.

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Car Manufacturer Solutions

Integrate complete charging solutions with your electric vehicles.

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Business, Retail and Fleet Parking Location Solutions

Equip your location with smart daily charging solutions for your employees and visitors.

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Sales Partner Solutions

Empower your business with products and services that work for your customers.

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EV Driver Solutions

Facilitate fast, safe and smart home charging solutions for you.

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Charge Point Management Services

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