German ACE provides European charge card for members

14 October 2015 - From today ACE (Auto Club Europe) will offer all members a new service, a free ‘Power Me’ charge card. ACE and the NewMotion partnered up to offer Germany electric car drivers this new service. The charge card provided by the NewMotion will access 25.000 public charge points across Europe. ACE is one of the leading Auto Clubs in Germany and has 598,000 customers.

The ‘POWER ME’ charge card is free and users will only be charged for charging; users will not have to pay a monthly administration fee. The rates for charging at a public charge point are set by the operator of the charge point. All the charge point locations, availability and prices are easy to find in the NewMotion app.

“The NewMotion shows that charging an electric car at different charge points across Europe can be done in an easy way. The systems that are in place now are chaotic and makes the payment of a charge session difficult,” says Stefan Heimlich, Chairman of ACE. It will not be necessary to register different cards at charge point providers, the NewMotion works with most charge point providers in Europe. Using one card will also simplify the payment process, as everything is connected to one charge card.

Extra service for ACE members

“Many of those who might be interested in electric mobility, are afraid to make the transition due to ‘range anxiety’. However this fear is unfounded,” continues Heimlich.

With the new ‘POWER ME’ charge cards drivers can charge at more than 2,500 charge points in Germany alone. Because ACE want to stimulate the transition to electric mobility in Germany and take away some of the fears that new electric drivers might have, they will offer ACE members an additional free service. If the electric car runs out of battery before reaching a charge point, ACE will tow the car to the nearest charging station. ACE members will only have to phone the ACE-Euro-emergency line and help will be at hand. “ACE provides drivers of electric vehicles a full service with an added value, this is why they are a perfect partner for us to work with”, adds Sytse Zuidema CEO the NewMotion.

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