Contribute to the Clean Generation

At NewMotion, you have the opportunity to join and lead the sustainability movement. If you believe that you are the right person to be part of a passionate, international, and determined organisation, we welcome you.

What is it like working at NewMotion?

We offer a supportive work environment that is engaging, full of opportunity, personal development, and most of all, friendly! Events like BBQs, Friday drinks, daily luncheons, ski trips and more are important to us in order to keep our employees engaged, productive, and most importantly, happy.

Learn more about our teams

We are a diverse, energised, passionate and informal company operating in the disruptive and innovative industry of e-mobility. With offices in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, and Norway, we are proud to have employees that come from all corners of the world.

Being a part of NewMotion means being actively involved in promoting and supporting our organisational DNA.

On the ball

Each employee, regardless of department, takes responsibility in their area of focus. They aim to become an expert in their field, working towards achieving the company’s ambitions at anytime, anywhere.

Fact vs. Opinion Driven

At our workplace, we pride ourselves in providing factual, careful, and specific information to support our duties and goals. We are not afraid to acknowledge if we are not aware of something and we are able to recognise when something is an opinion rather than a fact.

Authenticity & Inclusivity

Our company culture is down to earth with the aim to achieve positivity for all involved – colleagues to customers to partners. To do so, we value trust and honesty to a very high degree and achieve this through transparency, openness, and inclusivity.

Taking Initiative

Our employees will reach out sooner rather than later and will take the lead when it is required of them. Tomorrow always brings fresh challenges, and we aim to learn fast and continually improve in our efficiency, productivity, and the value with bring to NewMotion.

Delightfully Surprising

We enjoy surprising our customers, partners, and employees and making people smile by defying our expectations and always delivering memorable little touches that make a big difference.

Committed to Care

Care is part of our core values and guides our business decisions and actions. We act towards the interests of team members, customers, partners, and the environment. We keep information safe and sound, stick to industry rules and regulations.

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Do you want to shape the future of electric car charging? We're growing rapidly and are on the lookout for talented, passionate, and experienced people. For further information please contact one of our recruiters or send an open application (please add your CV in English) to

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