Shell Recharge Card

Access to the Largest Charge Network in Europe

With the Shell Recharge card you get access to 125,000 public charge points across Europe. Swipe and charge wherever you go: we offer you the widest European coverage of public charge points. The charge card is free - you only pay for charging.

Shell Recharge App

Find public charge points all over Europe and get real-time information including availability, charging speed and tariffs. Get notified if the status of charge points changes, e.g. your favourite charge point is available again. You can also start and stop charge sessions directly with the app on a large number of charge points.

With our app, you can request your charge card and key.

Download the app

EV Charge Card and Charge Key benefits

  • Access to more than 125,000 public charge points across Europe
  • No subscription fee - you only pay for charging
  • Online insight into your charging sessions and costs
  • Charging costs paid by credit and debit card (Visa / MasterCard) and VAT-specified invoice
  • You can also fast charge - no extra charge card required
  • 24/7 helpdesk

We make your life easy. The Shell Recharge card is also available as charge key. Attach the charge key to your keyring to always have it at hand.

To request a charge card and access Europe’s largest public charge network, please download the Shell Recharge app.

  1. Create an account or log-in
  2. Chose “Charge cards” from the main menu
  3. Chose “Order your card for free”

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Access Europe’s largest public charging network

Search and find more than 125,000 public charge points in the neighbourhood and on the road across 35 countries. Request your personal charge card through the Shell Recharge app.

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