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Shell Recharge Card

Swipe and charge wherever you go: with the Shell Recharge card we offer you the widest European coverage of public charge points.

Shell Recharge card

  • Get access to more than 135,000 public charge points across Europe, including fast chargers
  • Profit from 24/7 charging support
  • Get insight into your charging sessions and costs
  • Pay for charging by credit and debit card (Visa/MasterCard) and get a VAT-specified invoice
  • Also available as charge key

Request a Shell Recharge Card

1. Download the app

Download the Shell Recharge App through the App Store or Google Play.

2. Order your card

Navigate in the menu to Charge cards and choose order card or key.

3. Activate & Enjoy

Activate your charge card through the app and enjoy a charging experience.

Shell Recharge App

  • Easily find and navigate to charge points
  • Charge at over 135K charge points in Europe on-the-go
  • Start and stop charging sessions from the app
  • Check pricing and estimated total costs
  • View all your past charging sessions in one place

Download the app

Access Europe’s largest public charging network

Search and find more than 155,000 public charge points in the neighbourhood and on the road across 35 countries. Request your personal charge card through the Shell Recharge app.

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