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Find Public Charging Stations all over Europe

Locate charge points accessible with the NewMotion charge card near you or at your destination. The NewMotion charge network currently boasts more than 100,000 public charge points throughout Europe and is constantly expanding.

Get Relevant Information at a Glance

With just a few taps access real-time information about the charge points’ availability, charging speed and price. Set your car model and advanced search filters to obtain the most relevant information according to your needs, and details about charge points compatible with your vehicle.

Start and Stop Charge Sessions

Start and stop charge sessions directly with the app on a large number of charge points.Your charge card will automatically be connected to the app as soon as you log into your my.newmotion account. Don't have a charge card yet? You can order a new charge card through the NewMotion app.

Get Real-time Status Notifications

Is your favorite public charge point currently occupied? Get notified when it becomes available again. Once your car is charging on a NewMotion charge point, you can also receive notifications when your battery is fully charged or when your charging session is unexpectedly interrupted.

Enjoy and Share Positive Energy!

Would you like to participate in our European charge network expansion? Share your charge point with other drivers within the NewMotion network for free or for a fee. You can easily make your charge point publicly available to other electric car drivers on