Public Charging Tariffs

You can charge with the NewMotion charge card on over 100,000 public charge points across Europe. We are proud to provide a large network, giving you the freedom to charge everywhere. And we want to make it easy for you to understand how public charging works.

To be able to offer a large network, NewMotion has teamed up with many different charge point operators. And whilst we negotiate to get good pricing, ultimately each of these operators set its own tariffs for using their network. To maximise transparency we generally charge our customers exactly what the charge point operator charges us where possible, plus a transaction fee of €0,35 per charge session, as visualised below.

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To avoid surprises, here’s what we suggest to do before plugging in:

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  1. Choose a public charge point in the app or in
  2. Look up the current tariffs of a public charge point
  3. Check the estimated session costs based on the chargepoint tariffs, your car and your charging needs at that moment.
  4. Compare tariffs of available charge points nearby.

This way you can decide yourself where you would like to charge your car, without having any surprises.

Changing tariffs

Operators of public charge points may change their tariffs from time to time. Such changes can be driven by our customer feedback, by changing cost levels, by new market insights, etc.

As NewMotion we pass-on those changes to the user, increases as well as decreases. And whilst we agree that tariffs may sometimes be quite high, it is important to understand that installing and maintaining public charge points require major investments. So whilst we clearly prefer lowering tariffs, we understand that to drive growth of the public network there has to be an opportunity for owners/operators to earn back those investments. We want to keep our customers informed about any price changes and do our best to communicate new tariffs through email and the mobile app.