Home Advanced is the most intelligent residential charge point out there; offering smart, safe and convenient charging all in a compact and Red Dot Award winning design. No matter your parking situation: in the garage, on the driveway or in front of your house; we provide everything you need in order to charge your car at home in the fastest and most convenient way possible.

Home Advanced is our 3rd generation charge point: online connected, weatherproof, certified and compatible with all electric cars.

  • High charging speed (up to 7.4* kW) - up to 3* times faster than a standard socket
  • Certified Safety
  • Online connected via GPRS - no ethernet landline required**
  • Access management: authentication of users via charge card (RFID)**
  • Certified meter for Auto-Reimbursement of charging costs and guest usage**
  • Future proof: suitable for today's and tomorrow's EV's
  • Eligible for OLEV grant

* With a 3-phase connection, the charge point can even charge up to 22 kW (up to 8 times faster than a standard wall socket delivering up to 68 mph).

** Some services may require an additional subscription.

Fast and Easy

Up to 3 times faster than your regular 220V wall outlet; delivering up to 23 miles per hour, depending on your car. With a 3-phase connection, it is even up to 8 times faster (up to 68 mph). Home Advanced provides you a high availability of power for charging your car at home. Plus, we can even take care of the installation if you like, if not we ship it directly to your doorstep.

Design & Safety

Certified by leading safety standards, the Home Advanced provides speed and convenience all in one compact, Red Dot Award winning design with a footprint of just 20x8x5 inches. Home Advanced can be installed indoors or outdoors and is weather and vandal proof. Read more about awards, safety and protection certifications and uptime of the charge points.

Smart & Convenient

NewMotion charge points enable a variety of smart services: e.g. Plug & Charge, automatic reimbursement and email notifications. Configure them online through my.newmotion.com where you can also view all your residential, public and workplace charging sessions. Read more about our smart charging services.

Fixed Cable vs Socket

Combining functional design and smart technology the Home Advanced provides you the option to charge with ease and store your charge cable clean and off the ground. Are you the only user? Get the Home Advanced with an attached cable and simply ‘plug & charge’. Multiple users for your charge point? Get the Home Advanced socket model to provide flexibility to handle all types of electric cars

Pole vs Wall

No matter your location, the Home Advanced can be installed at any type of surface; in your front garden, on your driveway, attached to your house, inside your garage or even in the basement of your apartment. Configure your Home Advanced by choosing between a wall or pole mount.


The Home Advanced comes standard in an off white colour, depending on your personal preference you can get any colour you would like. Select from our 4 standard colour varients, go bold to promote electric driving, or you can even select a custom color to match your home.

Technical specifications

All NewMotion charge points work in line with the Mode 3 protocol for safe charging:

  • The charge point controls the cable connection.
  • The cable is locked during charging.
  • Charging can only be done with a charge cable that is connected safely.

Charge points overview sheet


Reasons to buy

  • Award winning charge point design
  • Charge your car up to 8 times faster than your regular 220V outlet
  • Certified Safety: our charge points prevent electrocution and overheating
  • Convenience: real time charge session insights and automatic reimbursement
  • Futureproof: automatic software updates ensure you are using latest smart services

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