The Business Lite charge point is an affordable solution to expand your charge location. As the little brother of Business Pro, the Business Lite offers an online connected solution, compatible with all electric cars. Combine one or more Business Lite with your Business Pro and you’ll be ready for easy expansion. For Dynamic Load Balancing, Business Lite’s need to be combined with a Business Pro.

Awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2016, the Business Lite has proven that it is fully designed to fit your needs.

  • Awarded Design
  • Certified Safety
  • Cloud Connected*
  • Low Investment

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Fast and Easy

Delivering up to 68 miles, depending on your car, Business Lite provides you the ultimate charging experience at your location. Plus, we can even take care of the installation if you like, if not we ship it directly to your business.

Design & Safety

Certified by leading safety standards, Business Lite provides speed and convenience all in one compact, Red Dot Award winning design with a footprint of just 20x8x5 inches. Business Lite can be installed indoors or outdoors and is weather and vandal proof. Read more about awards, safety and protection certifications and uptime of the charge points.

Smart installation

Do you have limited parking space or want to start off as lean and mean possible? Get started with Business Lite. Already have our solution and looking for expansion? Buy smart by combining one Business Pro with multiple Business Lite charge points. With our Dynamic Load Balancing service and future proof Smart Installation we make sure you are ready for future expansion.

Smart services

Business Lite unlocks a variety of smart services to help you utilise your charge points in the most efficient and effective way. The following services are included: guest usage, remote charge point control, email notifications and automatic reimbursement. Configure them online through where you can view all charging sessions as well. Read more about our smart services


The Business Lite comes standard in an off white colour, depending on your personal preference you can get any colour you would like. Select from our 4 standard colour variants or you can even order a custom color to match your company's identity.


Business Lite and Business Pro can be fully configured to your needs. Combine wall or pole mounted, standard or branded colors with a variety of signage to complete your charge location.


Technical specifications

All NewMotion charge points work in line with the Mode 3 protocol for safe charging:

  • The charge point controls the cable connection.
  • The cable is locked during charging.
  • Charging can only be done with a charge cable that is connected safely.

Charge points overview sheet

Reasons to buy

  • Award winning charge point design
  • Certified Safety: our charge points prevent electrocution and overheating
  • Smart services: remote charge point control and dynamic load balancing
  • Low investment: no upgrade needed to your grid connection
  • Futureproof: automatic software updates deliver the latest smart services

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