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How charging your EV will not set your house on fire

As charging an electric car is still quite new to some people, it is logical that they wonder about the influence charging will have on their household electricity connection. There have been reports that charging your EV whilst using your electric stove will actually result in your house getting burned down. Even boiling the kettle will already trip the house’s main fuse (The Telegraph, 2017). But will this actually happen?

They are not completely wrong. Of course charging your car, especially a full EV, will take more energy from your main fuse, but this does not inevitably mean that you will burn down your house. If you decide to charge your EV via your ordinary household socket - well, then we cannot promise that the above mentioned will not happen. Your household socket is used to charging appliances up to 2 kW. When you connect your car with a battery capacity of 30 kWh - apart from having to wait a long time for it to fully charge - it might happen that your socket and its cables burn through. Your socket cannot simply handle this amount of energy demand for a long period of time.

Lucky for you, there are specific chargers designed for electric vehicles, which ensure you speed and safety. With a home charge point you can safely charge your EV up to 8 times faster than with your regular household socket. Just as a tip: once you have decided to install a home charge point, check if the charge point provider and installer have all the necessary safety certificates.

Dynamic Power Management When you are still unsure if your main fuse can handle charging an EV next to providing energy to your other appliances, you can always go for a service called Dynamic Power Management. This service will enable your smart charge point to distribute the available power in the best way possible. This means that your charge point will demand less power from your main fuse once you turn on another appliance in your household.


By making use of Dynamic Power Management in combination with your NewMotion home charge point, you can plug in your EV every day, completely worry free!

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