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Electric Mobility Insights Report: The future of electric vehicle adoption

Download our in-depth report on e-mobility industry trends and discover more about the latest developments in EVs and the charging infrastructure.

Power your EV knowledge

Featuring exclusive interviews with industry insiders, our unique report will sharpen your insights into the key factors currently driving the mass adoption of EVs. Find out how industry collaboration and new technologies are accelerating the growth of EVs and enabling them to play a crucial role in the energy transition.

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Essential reading for automotive industry professionals

The clean energy transition

We look at the role of EVs in the clean energy transition, and how they can help attain sustainability goals – even holding the key to using more renewable energy in the grid

Going mainstream

This will be the decade when EVs go mainstream. What are the factors that will accelerate or hinder this development? How is the charging infrastructure keeping up?

Europe’s key markets

We focus on Europe, with a detailed look at the market situation, government measures and future prospects for EVs and the charging infrastructure in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK

A big problem in the market is that we think too much from a standardised idea, coming as experts or people who are in it full time. We must pay attention to the fact that mobility is deeply personal. You have all these data sets that people only travel 30 km a day, but people are not average… Mass adoption will be people who are not proud and not willing to deal with all the extra hurdles. Over the last few years, we have been asking for quite a lot of patience from people who chose their first EVs – and they did it with love. Those days are gone… It’s a difficult business – if it works, it’s what they expect. If it doesn’t work, they are angry. So it should work, it should be ubiquitous, it should fade into the background and it should be easy, off the shelf, quick.

Global Business Development Manager, Car leasing company Belgium

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