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Departments at NewMotion

Customer Care

Supporting and offering advice and help to our customers is an integral part of making sure that our products and services are used as effectively as possible. That is why it goes without saying, we are always here for our customers – before, during, and after installations, and for all EV drivers on the road.

Whether they are looking for advice, a quote, or general support, we want individuals that value customer communication and look to deliver outstanding customer service at all times, helping us onboard as many drivers to the e-mobility movement.


NewMotion’s marketing department illustrates the story and importance of what we do and why we do it. We aim to inform, inspire, and motivate people everywhere to go electric and charge smart. Individuals that join our marketing department possess a passion in communications with a daily drive to spread our message of sustainability.


Like many other companies, our sales teams are responsible for seeking out and securing the right partnerships and clients in order to get customers on-board with our mission. Sales teams at NewMotion are exciting, unique, and passionately driven to lead our company to commercial excellence. Providing the best advice and ensuring quality relationships is at the forefront of our sales teams.

Our legal department is an important aspect of the business environment. We work to maintain and prevent any legal issues that may arise. We play a critical role in reviewing and drafting contracts, employee policies, and understanding varying implications, operating in a role that can be best described as preventative. In addition, protecting the data and privacy of our customers is particularly important.


The foundations of our company fall upon operations. Our drive and mission in achieving sustainable mobility ensures that we are always looking to spread our message and scale across different markets. Through perseverance, careful planning, and effective communication, we make sure to operate in prospective domains.


Working in logistics at NewMotion means ensuring that the flow or product deliveries, installations, and much more, is as smooth for our consumers as possible. Meeting the requirements of our customers and clients is vital to our success, which is why we look for individuals that can secure and effectively integrate information flow.

Human Resources

The HR department is important for employee well-being and ensuring fairness and enjoyment within our organisation. Our HR team focuses on providing employees the utmost of respect and opportunity, overseeing aspects of compliance, recruitment, and supporting employment integrity. For HR, growth and personal development of our own employees is important and supported through various training and developmental opportunities.

Business Development

Growing our organisation in an international environment creates opportunity that we are looking for in order to advance our environmental mission. Seeking and implementing growth opportunities provides long-term value for our organisation and enables it to be set at the forefront of this automotive transition. Being a part of the business development team means being part of the future.


Working in finance includes the planning, organising, auditing, and accounting of our organisation’s finances – a meaningful part of our company’s success. Here, the saying “strength in numbers” is as true as ever.

Product and Propositions Management

Providing value to our products and services is ultimately what helps people understand why we do what we do so well. Our PPM team details our products and services, offering incentives and advice on what value we will add and what problems we can solve.

Technology & Innovation

Our technology department has been named Technological Innovation for a reason. Here, not only are we looking to optimise our products and services each day, but we are also looking to innovate and make them better and better. Working for this team means having an open mind, seeking solutions that are not obvious, and always thinking of ways to improve.

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