Billing & Pricing

How much does it cost to charge at a public charge point?

The costs of a charge session are determined by the provider of a public charge point. The costs may differ between various charge points and a detailed overview is available in our app. The prices are usually a combination of a starting tariff (per session), a volume rate (per kWh) and a time (per hour). The time is determined by the start and end time of a charging session which is the period that the charge point is occupied by your car. Once the provider of the charge point has calculated the costs of the charge session, NewMotion adds the costs for facilitating public charging and the supplied charge services. These costs amount to £0.35 incl. VAT per session (after 20 transactions in one month, no further transaction costs will be applied).

Are the shown tariffs for charging including or excluding VAT?

The shown tariffs include VAT.

How can I request a copy of an invoice?

Please send your request to

The invoices I receive are incorrect, how can I change the details?

Log in to and open the ‘bank accounts’ tab (indicated by the Euro icon). Check your invoice for your Debtor number and open the configurations of this bank account. You can now change the necessary information. It is not possible to change an IBAN, if this needs to be changed you will have to add a new bank account, and link it to the charge card or point.

Why am I receiving separate invoices?

In order to keep invoicing in line with our international growth, we switched to a new method of invoicing.

You receive separate invoices only if you have completed any charge sessions outside your country of residence. For the separate invoices, the country-specific VAT percentage applies. The amount of the separate invoices are combined into one payment statement. This means that the total amount will be debited in one go by your local NewMotion office. The invoice process will not change, so there is no need to update your payment handling. Receiving separate invoices has no effect on your automatic reimbursement or debit services.

If you are a corporate customer and you have completed charge sessions in several countries, you will receive a payment statement as well as the separate invoices for each country in which charge sessions took place. The VAT percentage of each country is specified on the separate invoices.

How can I add/remove a bank account?

To add a bank account, log in to and open the ‘bank accounts’ tab (indicated by the Euro icon). Once there select the option ‘add bank account’ and fill in the required fields. Once added, the account can be linked to the charge card or chargepoint in their respective configuration pages. To remove a bank account contact our customer service.

How can I change my bank details of an existing bank account?

Log in to and open the ‘bank accounts’ tab (indicated by the Euro icon). Check your invoice for your Debtor number and open the configurations of this bank account. You can now change the necessary information. It is not possible to change an IBAN, if this needs to be changed you will have to add a new bank account, and link it to the charge card or point.

How can I change the email-address the invoices are sent to?

Log in to and open the ‘bank accounts’ tab (indicated by the Euro icon). Check your invoice for your Debtor number and open the configurations of this bank account. You should now be able to change the billing email. Please note that you cannot change your bank details by calling customer support. When you are unable to change your details in myNewmotion you can also email your bank details to Please note: In accordance with GDPR there is a process in place to delete personal data once processed.

Can I pay with credit or debit card?

Yes. All VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards are supported. Other issuers are limited.If you are unsure about your type of credit card, we advise you to contact your bank.

How do I set up my credit or debit card for paying for charging costs?

Step 1: Open 'Charge cards', find the charge card and click on 'Configuration'

Step 2: Select ‘Create a billing and payment account’

Step 3: Fill your credit or debit card details. read and accept the terms and conditions and click ‘confirm & save’

Which credit and debit cards are supported?

All major VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards. We only support credit cards that are post paid. We don’t support prepaid credit cards such as Revolut and N26. We hope to also provide support for these carriers in the future.

Are my credit and debit card details safe with NewMotion?

Yes. To assure good handling of credit card details, NewMotion is in compliance with PCI compliance ( NewMotion will never store or process your full credit card details, our partner Adyen will handle this. Adyen is the leading payments provider in the world and is under strict audit of PCI.

Are there any additional costs involved in paying with a credit or debit card?

As an introductory offer there will be no additional costs for paying your charging costs with credit card, but this is subject to change in the future. We will inform you about this in time if any changes might occur.

Why do I need to set up payment with credit card or debit card if I prefer direct debit with a debit card other than Visa or MasterCard?

NewMotion is always adapting to customer needs while keeping costs low for our customers as well. As perceived satisfaction of credit cards as a payment method is higher in the UK than of direct debit, we have decided to fully switch to credit card as payment method for charging costs. Direct Debit is thus not supported anymore to assure we can keep costs for our British customers low. If this is unsatisfactory for your personal needs, NewMotion regrets this.

Why do I get a cumulative bill for charging costs made in the past?

As a customer you have made use of our charging network, which comes at a cost. So far we have not been able to bill these costs in a convenient way. With credit card being enabled as a payment method, this changes. With only setting up credit card once, monthly billing will be automatised. This is convenient, but also means there will be a one-off bill to settle historical costs that were not billed before.

How will it work with my monthly bill from now on?

After setting up your credit card once, we will simply bill you automatically and send you your monthly invoice by email. No further need to do anything.

What if I don’t want my credit or debit card to be billed anymore?

This is only possible when you stop using our charge network all together. You can call our customer care center to block your charge card in this case. You will then simply be billed for the costs made so far that month, after that no more billing will take place.

What do I need to do if I do not have a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card?

We will send you a manual invoice each month.

I no longer receive credit notes, what's wrong?

Log into your account and check whether the card that you are currently using is set on automatic reimbursement. (go to the icon ‘chargepoints’ > ‘configurations’ > ‘configure charge card access’). If there is an active subscription and the reimbursement is correctly configured contact our customer service for support.

What if I don't have a lease card (yet) and I want to set up reimbursement by my employer or my own company?

See lease drivers section.

When and how will I be invoiced?

You’ll receive your invoice by email around the 20th of each month. We will charge your credit card with the amount of your bill.

Why don’t I receive any credit notes?

You can check your account and see if the settings of your charge point are correct. If you have received money, and are still awaiting a credit note, please check your email inbox. Our emails could be in your spam folder.

Why do I receive an invoice for a subscription?

You receive an invoice for the subscription because you have subscribed to this service. Each month, you’ll receive an invoice for your subscription. The price depends on the model of the charge point you own. You can also ask for an annual invoice. Please contact Customer Service if you prefer to receive an annual invoice.

How can I change the bank account for my subscription?

To change the bank account linked to your subscription payments, please contact Customer Service.

How can I set up automatic reimbursement for charging at home?

To have your business miles automatically reimbursed by your employer or lease company, watch the video on how to set up automatic reimbursement for charging at home.

How can I manage access and reimbursement for selected cards?

Watch this video if you would like to grant access to a selected group of charge card owners, to enable them to charge at your charge point for free or for a certain tariff. Think of neighbors or family members if you have a charge point at home; or of employees if you manage charge points at a business location.

For any guests that are outside of this selected group and thus require a different tariff, watch the video about "How can I configure the guest usage option?”.