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Plug & Charge

Charging in one simple step


With your NewMotion Home Advanced charge point, you can start and stop charging sessions simply by plugging in or unplugging your charging cable.

  • Charge without using your charge card or charging key
  • Start and stop charging sessions in one simple step
  • Easy to set up via my.newmotion.com

One of the benefits of smart charging: You choose how to start and stop your charging sessions. illustration21-plugcharge-en

How do you set up Plug & Charge?

When you use Plug & Charge* for the first time, you will need to set it up in your my.newmotion account.

  1. Log into your my.newmotion account and go to the settings for your charge point
  2. Select that you want to start and stop your charging sessions using Plug & Charge
  3. Select the charge card you want to use to record the charging sessions
  4. Save the new settings for your charge point
  5. From now on, you can charge using Plug & Charge.

We recommend that you only use Plug & Charge if you have control over access to your charge point and you do not want the option of guest use.

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