Dynamic Power Solutions for Home

Optimal charge speed without overloading

Would you like to charge your electric car at high power and still be sure that your electricity connection won't overload when charging? With Dynamic Power Management, the charge point from NewMotion ensures that the available energy capacity from your home connection is distributed in the best way possible.

  • The NewMotion charge point constantly communicates with the Dynamic Power Management - Module, monitors the total electricity consumption in your home and dynamically adjusts the charge speed of your car. If there is enough capacity left, the charge speed increases automatically.
  • Optimal charging without paying a fortune to upgrade your grid connection.
  • Perfect for cars that can be charged at high power, such as the Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, KIA Soul and Renault Zoe.

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  1. The charge point knows the capacity of your grid connection.
  2. The charge point constantly checks how much energy is being used.
  3. The Dynamic Power Management - Module continuously relays the total consumption.
  4. The charge point calculates and supplies all available energy.

The Dynamic Power Management - Module: a type of meter that communicates the home electricity consumption to the charge point. This allows the charge point to only use the energy that's available. This module has been developed by NewMotion and is an essential part of the Dynamic Power Management feature.

Indication of the costs for upgrading your grid connection

In most cases, Dynamic Power Management spares you the expense of upgrading your grid connection. Upgrading your grid connection will cost you a one-off installation payment as well as additional monthly payments. The costs depends on your network operator and your home situation.

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