10 years of e-mobility

We've been pioneering in electric vehicle movement for over 10 years and seen the landscape develop from early adopters into the early majority. Now we are working together with other leaders in the industry to shape the future of e-mobility.

It’s been 10 years since we founded NewMotion. In the past decade, innovation, passion and partnerships drove our success in the e-mobility movement. To celebrate 10 years of being in charge, we looked back at the path up to now and what’s ahead for the future of successful mass adoption of EVs.

Event highlights

On February 18, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary with the first V2X powered event, a meeting of the minds for decision-makers in the mobility and energy transition.

A decade of stories

Since founding NewMotion, we have been on a mission to enable everybody to drive as many kilometers as possible powered by clean energy. Explore our journey on the way to an electric future.

In the news

Our event 10 years in charge has been featured in multiple business media in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK. Explore their stories below.

EV Driver Report

We conducted a survey amongst almost 4,500 EV drivers from all over Europe and gathered the insights in a comprehensive report. Learn more about this evolving industry.

Event highlights

To celebrate our anniversary, we hosted the event 10 years in charge that was fully powered by our latest innovation in energy technology, V2X. V2X, Vehicle-to-everything is a bidirectional charging solution, allowing electric vehicles to charge back to the grid and power office buildings, homes or in this case - the entire event.

We invited ndustry leaders from McKinsey & Co., Nissan, Renault and Shell to share their vision on the successful mass adoption of EVs and to present their outlook for mobility and energy transition in the next decade. You can access the recorded sessions below.

10 years in charge | NewMotion

10 years in charge | NewMotion

10 years in charge | NewMotion

Rise of the Electric Vehicle | McKinsey & Co

Global energy transition | Shell

Scaling EVs to the masses | Expert discussion

10 years in charge | V2X Timelapse

10 years in charge | V2X Live Feed

NewMotion | Celebrating 10 years in charge

A decade of stories

10 years in charge of firsts

Our steps towards a future of electric charging. It has been 10 years since we founded NewMotion. In this time the EV industry developed, and so did NewMotion. Jump on this journey with us of 10 years of firsts.

10 years in charge of journeys

From boosting business rides and calm commuting to relaxing road trips. To celebrate a decade of being in charge, we look back to some moving EV journeys of the past 10 years.

10 years in charge of partnerships

A decade of partnerships from collaborating with car manufacturers to complete their offering to empowering businesses to switch their fleets to EVs.

10 years in charge of people

Our people are at the heart of the company. Acting as charging ambassadors for electric vehicles, they help us deliver exceptional service, both to customers and partners.

In the news

10 years of NewMotion: CEO Sytse Zuidema calling on corporations to make the transitions

Source: electrive.com

New Motion: Erste Vehicle2X-Veranstaltung mit Strom aus E-Autos

Source: VISION mobility

Jean-Baptiste Guntzberger, NewMotion : "Il faut toujours plus de bornes publiques pour convaincre"

Source: JOURNAL DES FLOTTES Par Gredy Raffin

10 years ago, we founded NewMotion with the mission to enable everybody to drive as many kilometres as possible powered by clean energy. Today, we’re excited to see that the transition to electric vehicles is gathering pace and we’re proud to keep driving the movement towards a lower carbon world forward.

Sytse Zuidema CEO of NewMotion

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