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Public Charging

Where can I charge my electric car?

This depends on the car you drive as different cars have various connections. Once you’ve connected your car to our app you will automatically see the charge points that are suitable for your car. If you wish to view other charge points you can find them through our filter function.

How and where can I charge abroad?

Once activated, the NewMotion charge card can be used on any charge point shown within our app or on our website. The same applies to charge points in most European countries. An overview of all charge points can be found on my.newmotion.com or in the public charge app. If a charge point is not visible within the app or on the website, we cannot guarantee that you can charge there with your NewMotion charge card. Please note: There are some charge points that only work with the QR code function of the NewMotion app.

Can I use fast chargers with a NewMotion charge card?

Yes. Using our charge card you will be able to use fast chargers, depending on your car type. To search for fast chargers, use the app and filter any charger > 43 KW. Please be aware that prices for fast charging may vary from regular public charging. Information regarding prices can be found in the app.

What are the costs of public charging?

The costs of public charging vary. We collaborate with many different charge point operators to grow and maintain our charging network. To be able to offer you a seamless charging experience throughout the entire network, we provide roaming services for which we charge a transaction fee of €0,35 with a maximum of 20 transactions per month. The actual charging costs may differ from local tariffs and tariffs can vary between charge points. To know exactly what your charging session will cost, you can easily check the actual tariff of the specific charge point in our Shell Recharge app.

*Tariff holds for both national and international charging, incl VAT.

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