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Plug & Charge

What is Plug & Charge?

Plug & Charge means that you can start and stop your charge sessions by simply plugging and unplugging the charge cable. You don’t need to use your charge card. If you have a charge point with an RFID reader (like the Home Advanced), the card reader will be disabled (when you tap a card, the card reader will turn red). If you have chosen a Home Advanced, we advise you to only use this function if you can control the access to your charge point. You can also find more information on this page. For questions about this please contact our customer service team at customerservice@newmotion.com

Which charge points have the Plug & Charge option

Home Standard (serial number starting with “05…”) and the Home Fast (starting with “06…”) don’t have a card reader so ‘Plug & Charge’ is the default setting. Optional configuration of Plug & Charge is possible for other charge points such as the Home Advanced (starting with “03…” or “07…). Access by swiping a charge card is their default settings, but they can be configured as Plug & Charge as well .

Do I no longer need a charge card at all if I have set up Plug & Charge?

You no longer need to use your charge card to start and stop charging sessions. However, when you use Plug & Charge for the first time, you will need to indicate which charge card you want to use to record your charging sessions. You can set this in your my.newmotion account.

How do I set up Plug & Charge?

For the Home Standard and the Home Fast, Plug & Charge is the default setting. For the Home Advanced, you can set up Plug & Charge in your my.newmotion account in the settings for your charge point. There you can specify that you want to start and stop the charging sessions at your charge point using Plug & Charge from now on. Then select the charge card used to record your charging sessions. Plug & Charge can be activated and deactivated at any time in your account.

Watch the video on how to configure this functionality at home.

What do I need to set up Plug & Charge?

You need a Home Advanced charge point, which has a serial number that starts with “03…” or "07…” and our online service subscription. If necessary, you can subscribe to our online services in your my.newmotion account. To record you charging sessions you can a select a NewMotion charge card or a charge card of one of the partners of NewMotion (the charge card that is also used to reimburse your electricity costs).

Can I select multiple charge cards to record my charging sessions?

No, only one charge card can be configured for the Plug & Charge function.

Are my electricity costs still automatically reimbursed if I use Plug & Charge?

All charging sessions are recorded on the selected charge card. This card will be used to automatically reimburse your electricity costs if you configure this option.

Is it possible to set up guest use if I use Plug & Charge?

If all charging sessions are to be recorded on the selected charge card by activating Plug & Charge, it is not possible to set up guest use as there will be no individual charge user identification. As soon as you have set up Plug & Charge, any car can start a charging session at your charge point. We therefore recommend that you only use Plug & Charge if you have control over access to your charge point.

How do I start a charging session with Plug & Charge?

Simply by plugging your charging cable into the charge point and into the car. A charging session starts once communication with the car is initiated. If the charging cable is only plugged into the charge point, there will never be a voltage in the cable. If your charge point has an attached cable, the charging session will start as soon as you plug the charging cable into the car.

How do I stop a charging session with Plug & Charge?

Disconnecting the charging cable from the car ends the charging session.

Can I still use my charge card to start/stop a charging session?

No, the RFID reader is deactivated if you have set up Plug & Charge. The charge point displays a red LED if someone introduces a charge card.

Is it possible to set up Plug & Charge for specific periods during the day?

No, that is not possible at the moment. However it is possible to enable and disable the service at any time in your myNewMotion

I don't have the option to set up Plug & Charge in my my.newmotion account. What's wrong?

If you have a plus subscription (and your serial number doesn’t start with “01”, “02”, “05” or “06”) but you cannot select the Plug & Charge function in your my.newmotion account, contact our customer service team at customerservice@newmotion.com. When you have a Home Standard or Fast charge point (with a serial number starting with “05…” or “06…”) you don’t have to configure plug & charge as it’s the default setting.

Can I use Plug & Charge in other locations as well?

No, this function is only set up for your charge point, where you are the sole user. You cannot use the Plug & Charge function at public charge points.

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