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How does automatic reimbursement work?

How will I get my charge costs reimbursed?

To get your charge costs reimbursed, you need to subscribe to one of our subscriptions and activate the automatic reimbursement option through your myNewMotion profile. Watch the video on “How can I set up automatic reimbursement for charging at home?”.


Automatic Reimbursement

Automatic Reimbursement

Why do I need to link a bank account?

You need to link a bank account to your charge card if you want to use our public charge network, so that we can automatically invoice you for your charge sessions. If you don’t link a bank account, you will not be able to charge your car at public charge points even if a charge point is shown as “free charging” in the app or on the map on my.newmotion.com. Please note: MultiTankcards, Xximo cards and Travelcard automatically have their account linked.

Why should I connect a charge card to my charge point?

See charge card section.

How can I set up automatic reimbursement for charging at home?

To have your business miles automatically reimbursed by your employer or lease company, watch the video on how to set up automatic reimbursement for charging at home.

What if I don't have a lease card (yet) and I want to set up reimbursement by my employer or my own company?

See lease drivers section.

How can I manage access for selected cards?

Watch this video if you would like to grant access to a selected group of charge card owners, to enable them to charge at your charge point. Think of neighbours or family members if you have a charge point at home; or of employees if you manage charge points at a business location.

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