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Charging Software and Apps

Our comprehensive online portal perfectly complements our charge points, enabling ease of management and optimal utilisation.

Insights for Optimal Utilisation

Gain valuable insight into activity on your charge points including kWh-usage, costs and CO2-savings with our online portal. The portal also enables management of all of your registered charge cards, costs and end-drivers’ charging usage, all in one place.

Services vary depending on the charge point and subscription.

Charge Points & Charge Card Management

Driver Access Control

Control who can charge at your charge points. Want to restrict access, only allowing employees to plug in and charge? Or would you like to set specific tariffs for visitors and guests? No problem. You have total control.

Advanced Charge Point View

Our Advanced Charge Point Status View also allows you to see information on the duration and the status of charging sessions, such as charging times, and whether a station is occupied or offline.

Dynamic Power Solutions

Dynamic power solutions that enable automatic distribution of your available power. From your grid connection to all connected charge points, and between your charge points and location.

Dynamic Power Solutions for Business

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Dynamic Power Solutions for Home

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Minimize Costs & Maximize Charging Availability

Comprehensive Report

Through your online dashboard, create customised reports on charging related information and download them for your own administration or tax declarations.

Remote Charging

Start and stop charge sessions with the click of a button via the online portal. That way, charge sessions of electric cars that are fully charged can be stopped remotely. Learn more.

Group Charging

Keen to be able to oversee who is charging when, and easily initiate a smooth charging queue? Seamlessly control charge sessions remotely with our Group Charge App to facilitate maximum charge point utilisation. Learn more.

Management Services for Business

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Management Services for Home

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