About NewMotion Smart Charge Point Installation

Here at NewMotion we are firm believers in building a charging infrastructure ready for the future. We have an individual approach to each locations charging situation, we assess your specific needs and we aim to maximise your charging solution,all the way from your initial request, to the installations team on-site visits.

With our recommended smart installation process, we advise you on maximising your charging solution without you having to invest in any costly upgrades to your grid connection, while at the same time not losing the level of charging capacity for your cars - it all starts with your available grid connection, and how you can get the most out of it in an efficient manner.


What does this mean for you?

We advise our installers to find a charging solution specifically tailored to your needs, meaning you can start with relatively low one-off costs to setting up your charging infrastructure. Our solutions are the best value for money on the market, while at the same time giving your location the possibility to easily expand later.

With years of extensive installation experience in the electric mobility industry, we have developed a tried and tested, quality-assured installation process. Using our knowledge base we measure exact requirements and know which information to gather for each location.

Based on this, we provide you with our optimal recommendation.

Information that we collect range from analysing the parking behaviours and patterns, the future needs and expectations as well as a thorough analysis of your specific location. We feel that there should be no hesitation in future-proofing your infrastructure. With the growth of the EV industry, there is no doubt, it’s an infrastructure that you are going to need.


An Installation Setup Tailored for your Business

We recommend three main smart installation setups based on the availability of a 3 phase 25A grid connection for your electric parking: Business Starter, Business Starter Extended, and Business Future Proof. Of course there is no standard way to install, and each location has it’s own unique requirements, and every setup is custom, but at a fundamental level, we have three different ways of installing.

Business Starter

With the Business Starter recommended initial setup, instead of drawing power from your fuse box to each charge point, NewMotion smart charge points can distribute power among themselves. You only require to have one cable drawing power from your fuse box, and the two charge points can distribute available power amongst themselves.

Business Starter Extended

A variation of the Business Starter recommended setup, is the Business Extended, like the Business Starter, instead of drawing power from your fuse box to each charge point, charge points will distribute power among themselves, up to a maximum of five charge points. You only require to have one cable drawing power from your fuse box, and the five charge points can distribute the available power

Business Future Proof

We recommend the Business Future Proof installation, for organisations and locations who are planning to invest in an electric vehicle ready infrastructure in the future, and are expecting an increase in capacity in the long run.

With this recommended installation, we add a distribution unit between your fuse box and our NewMotion charge points. What this distribution unit allows you to do, is draw an increased amount of power from your fuse box, that then distributes it efficiently to various groups of charge points, that also dynamically load balance relative to your available grid connection. It’s also extremely easy to then add further charge points drawing power from this fuse box. This is also an ideal solution for organisations who have a large distance between their fuse box and charging location.

How are we different than other options on the market?

The options on the market are more expensive, and they tend to make you invest in upgrading your grid connection, in order to maximise your charging capacity.

We know that it is highly like that you won’t need to upgrade your grid connection to get your fleet charged on time. Instead of drawing all cables from your main fuse box, resulting in increased (labor) costs and wiring because of inefficient set ups, we increase utilisation, through the interlinkage of our charge points and our smart services.

Provider Installation Hardware Costs
NewMotion €€
Competitors €€€ €€€



Get in touch and we’ll advise you about your specific location and what smart installation means for you.