Home Standard

Up to 3,7 kW

Home Standard is the affordable smart charge point for charging your electric car at home. Plus it is weatherproof and compatible with all electric cars.

  • Value for money
  • Safe and smart
Available from €699 incl. VAT

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Home Advanced

Up to 22 kW

Home Advanced is the most intelligent residential charge point out there; offering smart, safe and convenient charging all in a compact and Red Dot Award winning design.

  • Customisable to your needs
  • Proven design
Available from €999 incl. VAT

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Charge Point Comparison

Here is a handy comparison chart to help you review all the options and choose the best charge point for your situation.

Regular wall outlet Home Standard Home Advanced
Power Up to 2 kW Up to 3.7 kW Up to 22 kW
Charge speed Up to 10 km of range per hour Up to 20 km of range per hour Up to 110 km of range per hour
Socket type Household Schuko Type 2 Socket Type 2 Socket
Attached charge cable No No Type 1 of Type 2
Communication with EV
- No overheating
- No electrocution
No Yes Yes
- The cable is locked during the charging session.
No Yes Yes
Protection class
- IK10 (highest impact class)
No Yes Yes
Connectable via GPRS No Yes Yes
Connectable via Ethernet No No Yes
Authentication via charge card (RFID) No Yes Yes
Custom colour of front cover No No Yes
- Pole model
- Wall model
No Yes Yes
Smart services
Online charge point management No Yes Yes
Insight in charging sessions No Yes Yes
Automatic reimbursement
of home electricity cost
No Yes Yes
Guest usage tariffs
kWh and/or time based
No Yes Yes
Email-notifications No Yes Yes
Remote charge point control No Yes Yes
Plug and Charge No Yes Yes
Dynamic Load Balancing with multiple charge points No No No

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