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Roaming partnership between NewMotion and ChargePoint, Inc. gives EV-drivers more access to charging

New roaming agreement will improve charging logistics for electric vehicles in the UK and throughout Europe

London - Amsterdam, September 19, 2019 – NewMotion and ChargePoint, Inc have today announced a roaming partnership that will enable drivers of electric vehicles in the UK to access both charging networks. Before the end of the year, NewMotion and ChargePoint customers will be able to access each network without the need to create a new account. The agreement will expand access across the UK and include the InstaVolt rapid DC charging network, of which ChargePoint, Inc. has been the exclusive technology partner since 2017. ChargePoint, Inc users will gain access to NewMotion’s public charging network both in the UK and across Europe.

Proficient and easy access to EV charging infrastructure is key to enable the mass uptake of EVs. In the UK charging an EV outside of the home can be a significant logistical challenge, but that is changing quickly as infrastructure continues to scale. These agreements enable consumers to access chargers from multiple networks using a single point of entry, such as an RFID card. As such, this partnership between NewMotion and ChargePoint, Inc. simplifies public charging by eliminating one of the key issues drivers currently face when attempting to charge their EV away from home. Creating a more connected public charging network is critical as drivers continue to switch to EVs in growing numbers, with over 167,527 plug-in electric cars* now on UK roads alone.

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Easy access to charging is key Sytse Zuidema, CEO of NewMotion: “This partnership is a big step forward for the UK’s public charging network and we hope to see a positive effect on the ease of use by EV drivers. We are pleased to offer our UK drivers additional access to ChargePoint, Inc’s network that includes a good few hundred rapid chargers. With this we’re able to expand our European charging network that already includes over 118,000 charge points.”

“This roaming agreement further accelerates the seamless integration of individual EV fuelling networks and brings us even closer to the day when all people and goods will be transported by electricity,” said Christopher Burghardt, Managing Director, Europe at ChargePoint, Inc. “With the growing global footprint of more than 100,000 places to charge on our network alone and access to an additional 70,000 places to charge in Europe, we continue to implement solutions that make the transition to electric more seamless for drivers and businesses. Partnerships like this not only allow us to expand access to charging, but is another example of how cross-industry collaboration is essential in paving the way to an all-electric mobility future.”

Expanded access in the UK Currently there are more than 25,000 public places to charge in the UK, of which only a small minority are open to roaming agreements. Drivers of EVs need several apps and charge cards to be able to have access to charge points of different opxerators. Roaming agreements like this prevent drivers from having to hold multiple payment cards, accounts and subscriptions and help expand access required to support mass adoption.

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