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Frequently Asked Questions

How does automatic reimbursement work?

The automatic reimbursement can be configured in your my.newmotion.com user account. Once configured, we will make sure that each month, an invoice will be sent to the bank account attached to the charge card (in case of a lease card this will be the lease company’s bank account). A credit note of the same amount is at the same time sent to the refund account. This way, each month you will be compensated for the costs of the electricity at home. To enable the automatic reimbursement go to: my.newmotion.com > ‘chargepoints’ > ‘configurations’ > ‘configure charge card access’.

How can I change my bank details of an existing bank account?

Log in to my.newmotion.com and open the ‘bank accounts’ tab (indicated by the Euro icon). Check your invoice for your Debtor number and open the configurations of this bank account. You can now change the necessary information. It is not possible to change an IBAN, if this needs to be changed you will have to add a new bank account, and link it to the charge card or point.

What are the costs of public charging?

The costs of public charging vary. We collaborate with many different charge point operators to grow and maintain our charging network. To be able to offer you a seamless charging experience throughout the entire network, we provide roaming services for which we charge a transaction fee of €0,35 with a maximum of 20 transactions per month. The actual charging costs may differ from local tariffs and tariffs can vary between charge points. To know exactly what your charging session will cost, you can easily check the actual tariff of the specific charge point in our Shell Recharge app.

*Tariff holds for both national and international charging, incl VAT.

My charge point is not working or charge point does not recognise my charge card. What should I do?

Possible cause

  • No electricity connected to charge point
  • The card is not a charge card, but e.g. a credit card.
  • The card is defective
  • RFID reader at the charge point no longer works


  • Move the position of the circuit-breaker (Note: If you have a three-position circuit-breaker, then you must first push it downwards before it can be pushed upwards).
  • Check that your lease card is not just set for petrol.
  • Check whether your card is worn or torn. If so, request a replacement free of charge on our website.
  • Contact NewMotion if none of the above solve the problem.
  • How can I start a charging session with the app?

To get started check that you have the following:

  • You have a registered and active my.newmotion account.
  • You have a NewMotion charge card. This charge card needs to be activated and configured for public charging in your my.newmotion account.
  • Your car is connected to a RWE charge point in Germany via a charging cable.

Access Europe’s largest public charging network

Search and find more than 125,000 public charge points in the neighbourhood and on the road across 35 countries. Request your personal charge card through the Shell Recharge app.

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