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Services For Electric Vehicle Drivers

Carefree Electric Driving

Electric driving is smart and fun! We offer a variety of intelligent services which help you get the most out of your charge point at home and drive carefree electric kilometres.

You can easily manage your charge points via your personal online user portal on my.newmotion.com. Keep track of all charging related data, get automatically reimbursed by your employer or own company for charging at home and more. With our charge card and app, you can charge your car everywhere you go across Europe.

Go electric. Charge smart.

Admin and Insight

Via your personal online user portal on my.newmotion.com you can easily manage and configure your charge point at home. You get real-time insight in charging related data such as kWh-usage, costs and CO2-savings. You also get a detailed overview of all charge sessions done with your charge card. For entrepreneurs: Through your online portal, you can create customized reports on charging related information and download them for your own administration or tax declarations.

Get Reimbursed for Charging your Car at Home

No need to invoice your employer or own business for the electricity costs for charging at home ever again. Simply set up your account and we will do the rest.

  • For business owners: Each month we debit the exact electricity costs used at your private charge point from the business account that is linked to your charge card. We then credit your private account with this amount.
  • For lease car drivers: Have the electricity costs for charge sessions at home automatically reimbursed each month by your employer or lease company.

Reimbursement for Charge Costs at Home

  • Charge at home using your NewMotion or leasing company’s mobility pass
  • The number of kWh charged at home will automatically be registered with NewMotion.
  • Based on this charge data, NewMotion will invoice your mobility service provider, employer or own business.
  • Reimbursement will automatically be transferred to your private account via NewMotion.

Our invoicing and crediting services

When charging EV's, someone has to pay for the electricity used. NewMotion takes care of all invoicing and crediting transactions and makes sure that the right people pay and get paid.

Be in charge with Remote Charge Point Control

You can start and stop charging sessions on your charge point remotely via your online user portal anytime, anywhere. Can’t find your charge card? Does it fail to work? No problem: you can start and stop the charge session in one click. If needed, you can even reset your charge point remotely. No need to switch off the power from your home fuse box.

How does it work?

Get Access to the Largest Charge Network in Europe

With the NewMotion charge card and app you can charge your car at more than 76,000 public charge points across Europe. The charge card and app are free, you only pay for charging. With our app you can easily find charge points and get real-time availability, charging speed or price information.


Plug & Charge

With Plug & Charge you can start and stop a charging session in one simple step: plug or unplug your charging cable. No need to use your charge card. Use Plug & Charge or prefer to use your charge card? Via the online user portal, you can chose your preferred settings.

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Dynamic Power Management - Optimal charge speed without overloading your electricity connection*

Would you like to charge your electric car at high power and still be sure that your electricity connection won't overload when charging? Together with the Dynamic Power Management - Module, the charge point from NewMotion ensures that the available energy capacity from your home connection is distributed in the best way possible, without you having to upgrade your grid connection. Perfect for charging at high power. Only possible with the Home Advanced charge point.

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Automatic Firmware Updates

We provide regular and automatic firmware updates via the online connection with our backoffice. That way, the firmware of your charge point is always up to date. Any NewMotion charge services will be applicable immediately and all new car models can charge.

24/7 helpdesk

Our EV-specialists are happy to answer all your charging-related questions. They are available to support around the clock.