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Management Services For Business

Easy Management and Optimal Utilization of your Charge Location

Easy Management of your Charge Location

We offer a variety of smart services which help you easily manage your charge location and optimize the utilization of your charge points. Through our online user portal you get detailed insight in charging data. Plus, you get access to all our intelligent and cost saving services such as Automatic Reimbursement of energy costs, Remote Charge Point Control and E-Mail Notifications on charge points status. Our charging solutions are future proof and include Dynamic Power Sharing to enable easy expansion of your charge location in the future.

  • Manage your charge location efficiently
  • Optimize the utilization of your charge point(s)
  • Easily expand you charge location
Subscriptions for Business

Insight and Control via your Online Portal

Insight and Control

Get insight into the charging activity on your charge point(s), kWh-usage, costs and CO2-savings. You also get a detailed overview of all charging sessions activated with your charge card(s). Our Advanced Charge Point Status View also allows you to see information on the duration and the status of charging sessions confirming if a charge point is available, charging, occupied, in failure or offline. You can even see who is charging. Send an sms to the owners of the cars if the battery is full to ask them to move their car so that another car can charge.


Through your online dashboard, you can create customized reports on charging related information and download them for your own administration or tax declarations.

Optimize the Utilization of your Charge Points

Remote Charge Point Control

Through your online portal, you can easily start and stop charge sessions on your charge point(s). That way, charge sessions of electric cars that are fully charged can be stopped remotely. The charge cables will be automatically unlocked, freeing up the charge points for other employees or visitors to charge their car right away. Read more.

Group Charge App - Social Charging at your Workspace

Our Group Charge App is the solution for the biggest inefficiency problem of corporate charge locations at the moment: charge points being occupied by EV’s that have been fully charged but are still plugged in. With our Group Charge App, employees can directly communicate with each other in a closed user group via a chat functionality, get insight in the status of the company’s charge points, see who is charging, get notified when charge points are available or ask another colleague to move his/her fully charged car. Read more.

Charge Point and Charge Card Management

Access Control and Tariff Setting

You decide who charges at your charge points. Restrict the access to your employees only or let guests or visitors charge too. Determine the pricing per kWh and set a time-based rate for the duration of the charging session. This will ensure that the charge points are better utilized. You can even register charge cards for non-standard rates, such as free charging for employees.

User Authentication

The charge points are accessible via RFID or QR code. Users identify themselves via charge card, charge key or app. If no identification is needed, you can choose to simply Plug & Charge. Your employees or guest can plug in the car and start charging at once. No need to use the charge card or app. Just connect the charge point to a charge card once on my.newmotion.com. All charging sessions will then automatically be booked on this charge card.

Automatic Reimbursement of Charging Costs

Your employees and guests can charge their car with their charge card for a kWh- and/or time-rate you set. Through Automatic Reimbursement we ensure that you get reimbursed for the entire costs of the charging sessions. Read more.

Receive Instant Notifications about Charging Status

Receive e-mail notifications if the status of your charge point(s) changes from ‘charging’ to ‘occupied’. This means that an electric car is fully charged and that another car can use the charge point. No need to log into your online portal all the time. Read more.

Charge Card Management

You can easily manage and configure the charge cards of your employees. You get insight into your employees’ charging related data such as charge costs, kWh usage and the amount of charge sessions. You also get insight into their automatic reimbursement settings for charging at home. In addition, you can control which cards have access to your charge points for which tariff.

Future Proof

NewMotion charge solutions ensure your business is ready for future expansion. Dynamic Power Sharing makes sure that you make optimal use of the available electricity. Plus our smart installation setup makes it easy to add more charge points at any moment in time.

Dynamic Power Sharing

Dynamic Power Sharing enables automatic distribution of the available power of your grid connection to all connected charge points. Ideal when using multiple charge points or for future expansion. Read more.

Smart Installation Setup

We have an individual approach to each locations’ charging situation. We assess your specific needs and we aim to maximise your charging solution, all the way from your initial request, to the installations team on-site visits. Having five electric vehicles, does not always mean you need five charge points. And what’s best? With our installation process, it’s always easy to add further charge points to your infrastructure. Read more.

Access for Everyone

NewMotion provides an easy way for all Electric Vehicle-drivers to find your charge location, charge and pay.

Integration into the NewMotion Charge Network

You can choose to publish your charge location in the NewMotion app and make it accessible to more than 80.000 EV-drivers across Europe holding a NewMotion charge card or one of its partners.

Integration with other Charging Networks

Not only EV-drivers with a NewMotion charge card can access your charge location, but also EV-drivers with charge cards from other providers. NewMotion has roaming agreements with the majority of all European mobility service providers thus allowing all their customers to find, access and pay for the charging at your charge location. Read more.

Automatic Software Updates

We provide regular and automatic software updates via the online connection with our backoffice. This way the software of your charge points is always up to date with all NewMotion charge service updates. All updates will be applicable immediately and all new car models can charge.

Personal account management

Our dedicated Account Managers are happy to advise you about the best charging solution

24/7 Helpdesk

Our EV-specialists are available around the clock to happily answer all your charging-related questions