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Group Charge App


Why the Group Charge App?

1. I already have the NewMotion App. Why do I need this new app?

The NewMotion App focuses on public charging. Our Group Charge App focuses on the specific needs of corporate private charge points for employees and offers functionalities that our regular app for public charging does not offer. You can watch the video on the Group Charge App, or see below for all of the benefits.

  • Join the charge queue before getting to the office.
  • Notify colleagues who occupy a charge point with their fully charged car that’s still plugged in to the charge point that you want to charge.
  • Get notified when your own car is fully charged so that you can free up the space for others.
  • See real-time status of charge point availability and who is occupying the charge point.
  • Receive information about the status of the company's charging points (available, charging, or occupied by a fully charged car) and check who is charging.
  • Get notified as soon as a charge point is available.

2. Our company uses a social media app, why should we get yet another app?

WhatsApp is great, because most of your employees already have it installed. However, a group chat with people organizing charging on a group of charge points is more difficult than you think. Read more: Diffusion of responsibility. People in groups tend to take less direct responsibility.

The NewMotion Group Charge App gives insight into the status of all individual charge points installed at a company’s location. Through its chat functionality, individual EV-drivers can contact individual colleagues directly. This direct communication is much more efficient and yields the best results for optimal utilization of a company’s charge points.

3. Do I need to have NewMotion charge points to use the Group Charge App?

If you have NewMotion charge points and/or use our back office, the setup for using the Group Charge App is very straightforward. Directly contact your account manager or call our general phone number for support.

Do you have charge points from other suppliers or use a different back office? We’d recommend that you still give us a call to discuss the options. Call us at +44 (0) 2038681036.

4. How do we assure we don’t breach employee privacy?

We have taken extensive measures to make sure that all users feel comfortable in downloading and using the app. It simply works best when all employees that drive electric use it together. If someone still has privacy concerns there are options:

  • An employee can fully opt out.
  • When signing up for the app, we will provide terms and agreements for the driver to read and accept before continuing.
  • An employee can use the app anonymously. This still allows to be in direct contact with colleagues, but without the need to expose their identity.

5. How can I get the app for my employees?

Go to the Group Charge App page and contact your account manager or call us on +44 (0) 2038681036.

6. How to setup and use the Group Charge App?

Set-up the app once. All charge activity will then be registered automatically.

The setup of the app is straightforward and done in a few steps:

  1. Download the app using the link mailed to you by us.
  2. There is an in-app onboarding process that will assure an account is fully setup. We also have a full driver-manual available for detailed information.

During the onboarding, each employee registers their charge card within their account. When a charge session is started with a charge card, the app automatically recognizes this. It’s as simple as that.

Using the app will save employees a lot of time. They can check charge point status in advance and directly be in touch with relevant colleagues instead of losing time by making phone calls or participating in group chat apps.

7. Up to 200% less investment in hardware sounds great. Can you prove this?

At our current clients’ business locations we see that on average one EV charges per day per charge point. The EV occupies the charge point during the whole day although it was fully charged after about 3 hours (Please note: the exact charging time depends on the car battery and the charge point capacity). That means that the charge point is not used for 60-70% of the time. If employees free up the charge point as soon as their car is fully charged, up to 4 cars can be charged per day, instead of one. Instead of buying 4 charge points to charge 4 EV’s per day for example, a company only needs to buy 1 charge point to charge up those 4 cars in a day. This scenario is based on a rough estimate on car batteries, charge point capacities and behaviour of employees.

8. What does this mean for your company?

If you start using our Group Charge App, we will provide you with monthly reports which allow you to measure and monitor the usage of your charge points. One of the most important indication will be the percentage of time that EVs are plugged into a charge point and actively charging compared to the time that EVs are plugged in, fully charged and thus blocking a charge point for other employees. These insights will help you to decide whether you need to expand your charge location or whether a change in your employees’ behaviour would be sufficient.

Using the app

1. How do I start using the app?

Open or download the app and create an account. Make sure you use the following:

  • Your work email address
  • The charge card you normally use to charge at your office

Follow the steps below:

  • Open the app
  • Click 'Create an account'
  • Fill in your name and work email address, read and agree to the terms and conditions. Click 'Create account'
  • Fill in your license plate details or search for your car model, then click 'Save car'
  • Fill in your charge card details (the card you use to charge at your office), then click 'Save card'
  • Select a profile picture. Click 'Add profile picture' or 'Skip this step'
  • Follow the 'Quick Tour': this explains the app in detail.

2. How do I change my charge card or car if I’m already using the app?

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to 'Account' in the menu and make the necessary changes
  • Click 'Save'

3. I can't find my office location in the app. What should I do?

Follow the steps below:

  • Use the menu to go to 'Map'.
  • Click on the magnifying glass.

  • Do not type in your business name — type in "Street name, town/city" instead. For example: "Neal Street, London".

  • A marker with an office icon will appear at the address you entered. Click this icon to reveal an overview of charge points at your office location.

  • Can't see the office icon? Reboot the app and try again. If the problem persists, call our customer service on +44 (0) 2038681036.

4. How can I see which cars are fully charged and contact the relevant colleagues?

Use the map to go to your office location (see question 3). You will see two types of icons for the battery status of the cars of your colleagues: a fully charged battery or a charging battery. We recommend contacting colleagues with considering their car is already fully charged.

5. How do I join a waiting line?

You can join a waiting line by navigating to the location and clicking on 'Join waiting line' under 'Quick view'. Next, click 'View waiting line' to see who else is in the waiting line. You will now be in 'Detailed' view. Click 'Charge points' to see who is using the current charge points.

6. How do I use the app to ask a colleague to move his/her car?

The app automatically notifies colleagues with a fully charged battery. If you are at the top of the waiting line, but a fully charged colleague is not freeing up a space, you can contact him/her directly. Start the chat function by navigating to an office location (see question 3). Then, click the 'Charge points' tab and click the orange icon next to the profile of your colleague. This enables you to discuss with your colleague when he/she can move the car.
 We recommend that you only contact colleagues whose cars are fully charged.

7. How do I start and stop a charge session in the app?

It is not possible to start a charge session in the app itself. You can start a session by swiping your charge card in front of the charge point's RFID reader. By adding the same pass to the app, the app will automatically recognize that you have started a charge session, and will display this session. If you stop a charge session with your card, it will automatically disappear from the app. No further action is required.

8. How do I keep track of my battery status?

When your car stops charging, you will automatically receive a notification. You will also immediately see which colleagues are interested in starting a charge session.

9. My app keeps crashing and I'm getting nowhere!

After your app has crashed, are you still able to access 'Feedback' in the app? If you are, please provide a detailed description of your issues in this section. If that doesn't work, please email group-charge-app@newmotion.com, and we will provide support as soon as we can.

10. Can I remotely disconnect my plug for a colleague through the app?

No, this is not possible in the current version. The Group Charge App focuses on the activation of drivers to move their car one time only during the day. In many cases, disconnecting the cable does not lead to a parking space being freed up. Remote disconnection is likely to become possible in future. Until then, you can perform this action through my.newmotion.com.

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