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Leasing Company Solutions

We work with Europe’s leading leasing companies to develop tailor-made, integrated smart charging solutions for your customers. Our home charge point offer and corporate charging solutions cater to every type of customer’s needs.


Over the past years, due to governmental incentivisation and the rise of EV switch among consumers, leasing companies have been looking for simple ways to integrate charging solutions into their leasing contracts and capture the demand.

NewMotion offer out of the box, easily integrated charging solution that serve this needs. Today, leasing companies throughout Europe choose NewMotion for our full-service offering.

Our Solution

With the ability to cater for both home, office and on the go charging, our solutions for leasing companies typically include:

High Speed & Versatile Charging Solutions (Co-branded)

Provide NewMotion Home and Business Line charge points for end users. Our charge points are universally-compatible, fast, smart & auto-upgrable.
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Fleet Charging Insights & Control

Offer a clear and complete overview of end driver charging behaviours. Our platform enables a simple set-up of charge points, guest usage and so much more.
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Access to Europe’s Largest Charge Network

Grant access to our vast European network coverage through fully co-branded charge cards and an app for locating charge points. All billing of charging costs will be handled with our automatic reimbursement service.
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Inclusive Installation Service

Provide charge point installation service to your customers. We partner with the most experienced installers to ensure exceptional services.
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Support & Knowledge-Sharing

Educate your staff, sales teams and drivers with our EV Knowledge Centre and tailored onboarding communication materials. Our lease portal also streamlines the intake of lease drivers between our sales teams.
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Our offerings take our customer through the whole journey of implementing and fulfilling these 3 core services from onboarding, training to administrative tasks that leasing companies require and need.

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Implementation & Outcomes

Propositions Outcome-LeasingCompany

With this holistic solution, leasing companies working with NewMotion can aim to reach sales targets of 50,000 charge points within 3 years from the point of rolling out.

Notable Remarks

  • NewMotion partners with some of the biggest leasing companies in EU in terms of number of cars: 1 million
  • NewMotion often moblises a dedicated "program engineer" for leasing companies.
  • Leasing companies that have their own sales training academy, can work with NewMotion to adapt curriculum to provide sales training in each rolled out country.

Our Partnered Leasing Companies