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10 years in charge of electric mobility

NewMotion celebrates 10 year anniversary

It’s been a decade since we founded NewMotion. In this time, we’ve brought about an evolution in electric charging by providing EV-drivers with easy to use smart charging solutions, connected to the largest network of Europe. To celebrate 10 years of being in charge, we look back to what we’ve achieved, where we are now and what’s ahead for the future.

Pioneers in EV-solutions

In 2009, we recognised that society needed an urgent improvement in the use of energy resources. By founding NewMotion, we made it our mission to contribute to a cleaner world with smart solutions that are good for people, the planet and customers’ wallets. A bold move as, at that time, EV-driving was still in its infancy and its potential was largely debated.

Now, 2019, The European EV-market is almost at its turning point. Companies are increasingly recognising that the e-mobility will help them to help reduce carbon emissions. And with over 250 EV-experts working across Europe, NewMotion is here to drive this movement.

Our road to success

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Empowering change

The past decade of product innovation enabled us to reduce the total cost of ownership of EV-driving and speed up the transition to a lower-carbon world. By continuously innovating and growing our network, we make driving an electric vehicle more and more convenient. Our recent acquisition by Shell provided us with the foundation to improve our products and services even further.

Today, we are proud to be the largest electric charging partner of Europe. With our smart charging solutions, we help car manufacturers, leasing companies and business locations such as Leasecar, Nissan and IKEA to electrify their fleets and parking locations. Adding to that, our recently released Business Hub enables businesses to monitor, analyse and control all charge points and costs across multiple locations, making providing EV charge points even more efficient.


Leading in innovation

Our 10 years in business demonstrates that EV charging is not a short-term industry: it is the future of energy use. There are expected to be 1 million EV’s on the road in 2020. And even though we’ve come a long way in improving EV charging, we believe the future still has a lot more to offer. That’s why we drive innovations such as bi-directional charging with V2X, to increase renewable energy on the grid. And lead the European EV-industry by pushing the boundaries of international roaming partnerships each and every day.

Together, we are in charge of a cleaner and smarter energy future.

In the upcoming weeks, we will continue celebrating our anniversary by sharing retrospects of what subjects have moved us the past 10 years.

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