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Lease contracts now also cover vehicle charging infrastructure. KBC Autolease and NewMotion simplify electric driving

Leuven, 6 February 2020 - 2020 looks set to be a big year for electric vehicles. In addition to numerous new – more affordable – models coming onto the market, leasing companies will be expanding their services. For instance, starting this year, KBC Autolease customers can have the use of electric-vehicle charging infrastructure incorporated into their lease contract. To be able to provide this option, KBC Autolease has partnered with NewMotion, a Shell subsidiary which offers complete charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs).

So far, relatively few employers and employees have opted for electric company cars because of the limited number of charging stations and often-complex invoicing process. With their new service, KBC Autolease and NewMotion (Shell) are taking the bumps out of the road and giving electric driving a jump-start. Besides the financial lease on the vehicle and traditional services (repairs, maintenance, tyres, insurance, etc.), the full-service contract incorporates a home charge point, a subscription, a charge card for use at home and while on-the-go, and an app that displays charge points available nearby. Employees who drive a hybrid vehicle (PHEV) can also use the card to fill up with fossil fuel.


The partnership with NewMotion is in line with our philosophy of making driving greener and more sustainable,’ says KBC Autolease CEO Stefan Delaet. ‘Over the past few years, we have successfully introduced electric lease bicycles at a whole host of companies. We wanted to do the same with electric cars. Interest in electromobility has been growing for some time now. However, many customers are reluctant to make the switch because of the lack of charging infrastructure. This is now all set to change, thanks to our partnership with NewMotion. Customers will receive an NFC charge card, which provides them with access to more than 7 000 public and semi-public charge points in Belgium. Using the Shell Recharge App, they are also able to see where the nearest available charge point is located.’ ‘At NewMotion, we draw on our decade of experience to provide user-friendly, complete charging solutions for lease-car drivers. The number of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on Belgium’s roads is on the rise. This has led to a growing demand for convenient charging solutions,NewMotion CEO Sytse Zuidema explains. ‘We offer a complete package for lease-car drivers so they are able to charge their electric vehicles efficiently and easily not only at work, but also when they are on-the-go or at home. Our full range of services includes advice on the right type of charge point, installation and a 24/7 customer service. We are joining forces with KBC Autolease to make the switch to electric driving more appealing and accessible to an increasingly broad demographic.

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Charging at home

But that’s not all. NewMotion also installs a certified charge point at every user’s home. These charge points are compatible with any electric vehicle. The charging infrastructure communicates with the household’s electrical system so that the available power is smartly divided between charging and domestic usage. These devices are designed to facilitate easy monitoring of consumption and accurate invoicing. This makes it even easier for your employer to reimburse you automatically for the electricity consumed by your EV charge point. ‘Our ambition is to give our customers – both employers and employees – everything they need to make electric driving genuinely appealing,’ Delaet concludes.

About KBC Autolease

Founded in 1982 and having its registered offices in Leuven, Belgium, KBC Autolease is a member of the KBC group. With a fleet of more than 50 000 vehicles, it is one of Belgium’s leading vehicle leasing providers. As a pioneer in multimobility, KBC Autolease is dedicated to promoting the use of alternative modes of transport. It currently leases 15 000 bicycles in partnership with a network of more than 370 bicycle dealers. The company also has a remarketing department in Londerzeel, which releases nearly new, well-maintained lease cars whose contracts have expired onto the second-hand market. KBC Autolease has 150 staff. More information is available at www.kbcautolease.be

About NewMotion

NewMotion is a leading company in smart charging solutions for electric vehicles in Europe and has installed more than 60,000 charge points across the region. The company also provides access to a roaming network of more than 135,000 charge points across 35 countries in Europe for more than 250,000 registered drivers’ charge cards. NewMotion is ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified and has been active in the market since 2009, fulfilling a pioneering role in the industry. NewMotion is a member of the Shell group. For more information: www.newmotion.com