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What is Smart Charging?

The world is transitioning to electric vehicles and the EV market is reaching a tipping point. As more and more EVs hit the roads, charging needs will change. To make sure all these cars can be charged without overloading the grid, we need to use charging infrastructure more efficiently. We need to charge smarter. On this web page, you will understand what smart charging is, how it works and how it can benefit you.

Definition of Smart Charging

Using advanced, connected technology to add smart services to your charge points, allowing you to manage it remotely. These services enable dynamic charging speeds and timing that help balance the grid, as well as administration, automation and optimisation to maximise charge point utilisation.

Characteristics of Smart Charging

  • Online connected
  • Connects a digital platform and a charge point
  • Enables smart services

How does Smart Charging work?

Charge points become smart when connected online to benefit from software and services. By using a sim card or ethernet cable, smart charge points are able to communicate with other cloud-connected systems. Through our backoffice, the charge point communicates with our technical system (for firmware updates), a myNewMotion dashboard and NewMotion charging apps.

Smart Charging enables EV charging to combine with payment functionalities and data insights. Through our platform, you can configure charge point settings, user access and tariffs and configure services including automatic reimbursement for recouping charging costs. Within your platform, all charging information related to your charge point(s) is visible, allowing you to track charging sessions on your charge point(s) and get insights on charging behaviour and CO2 savings for you as an individual, or for your company. Through charge point occupancy rates, you can easily determine when it is time to scale up and also determine whether employees charge on-the-go too much, so you can take action to change this behaviour and maximise cost-efficiency. Finally, the dashboard allows you to remotely control the charge point, allowing you to stop charging sessions and refrain charge points from being unnecessarily occupied.

What are the benefits of Smart Charging?

Smart charge points have many advantages, both for drivers and businesses. To both, the following benefits apply:

  • Remote control: Access your charge point from your device to see availability, unplug or reset.

  • Automatic updates: Profit from automatic updates to the firmware of your charge point.


Charge point management:
Manage your charge point and get insights into your charging behaviour through our user platform myNewMotion.

Check charging status:
View the status of your charge point or charging session through our online platform or app.

Dynamic Power Management:
Charge at maximum capacity, whilst ensuring your home grid connection won't get overloaded.

Automatic reimbursement:
Automatically get your electricity costs for home charging reimbursed by your employer.


EV infrastructure management:
Monitor, manage and control your business' EV charging infrastructure from one easy-to-use only platform - Business Hub.

Optimise charging infrastructure:
Use charging insights to guide charging behaviour or expand your site's charging infrastructure in time.

Dynamic Power Sharing:
Prepare for future expansion with automatic distribution of the available power of your grid connection to all connected charge points.

Start charging smarter

The next steps in Smart Charging

NewMotion is a pioneer in Smart Charging solutions. Until now, we already made services like remote charge point control, automatic reimbursement and EV infrastructure management possible. But as technology evolves and the number of EV drivers grows, more and more possibilities unfold.


V2X, Vehicle-to-everything, is NewMotion's bidirectional charging solution. Bidirectional charge poles can be used to charge and discharge EV batteries. This allows bidirectional charging solutions both to charge the vehicle’s battery, as well as to draw charged energy from the battery and feed it back to the grid. With the help of V2X, an EV can power entire office buildings or private homes and benefit renewable energy sources as a whole. Starting with small local pilots, V2X is now ready to support considerable projects such as (em)powering events - marking the start of a real energy revolution in the field of electric charging.

Energy services

In the not too distant future, Smart Charging will enable EV drivers to help balance the grid. By reducing demand on the grid during peak times, also called peak shaving, and using energy at times when it is a lot available, EV charging can help balance the grid. With more EV charging and more intermittent renewable energy being used, grid balancing will become increasingly important. Balancing the electricity network with EVs is already being tested in pilots and will soon be possible by using the ChargeChamp app currently being developed by NewMotion, which will soon be deployed to the masses. Initiatives like this allow you as an EV driver to contribute to a better energy future.

Real-time price updates

Smart Charging will soon make it possible to adapt charging sessions based on the level of market prices, allowing you to charge at a lower price. By letting your charge point communicate with systems that track the fluctuating market prices, you can configure your charge point to charge more when the electricity is cheaper. At night, or at times when the availability from sustainable energy sources is high for example, and prices drop. And sometimes, when there's a lot of wind, for example, electricity prices become negative and you can theoretically charge for free.

Learn more about our Smart Charging services

Home charging

Bring the ultimate charge experience to any EV driver’s home. Our home charging solution includes the installation and operation of a smart charge point and gives access to a complete package of smart charge services.

Learn more

Business charging

Provide employees and guests with easy-to-use Smart Charging solutions. With included data insights, control features and extensive services, you'll be ensured charging at your business location is both efficient and carefree.

Dynamic Power Sharing

Optimise charging power at your location by installing our Dynamic Power Sharing system that automatically divides the available power from your connection over the connected vehicles, and lets each vehicle charge at optimal capacity.

Business Hub

Easily monitor, analyse and control all aspects of your NewMotion charging infrastructure from one online platform. Features such as remote access, tariff setting and cost allocation allow you optimise EV charging at your business.

Start charging smarter