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Everything You Need to Know About Driving and Charging a BMW i3

The BMW i3 is considered one of the foremost electric cars on the market. WhatCar? - the UK’s biggest car-buying brand and leading car-buying website - describes the i3’s motor as ‘impressively refined’ and the model has had overwhelmingly positive feedback, both from reviewers and those who have already invested in the car to drive. If you’re considering a BMW i3 for your own electric car needs, then read on to discover everything you need to know about owning and driving it, from how it feels to manoeuvre, to the BMW charging time.

Everything to know about Driving and Charging a BMW i3

Range of the BMW i3

The BMW i3 received a healthy four star rating in WhatCar?’s most recent reliability tests, with only the Nissan Leaf standing out as a competitor. The 94 Ah RE edition has a daily use range of up to 231 kilometers, which requires just around 4 hours with a NewMotion Home charging point. It is worth noting, as for many electric car models, sometimes the range is lower than what is shown in the car itself. This is because the computer in the BMW i3 predicts range based on a number of factors, such as your driving style and weather conditions.

If you are not already an electric vehicle owner, your primary concern may be one of range. Long distance driving is much simpler for electric vehicles these days, as you can plan in advance to ensure that you will have enough charge en route. You’ll be able to find out which charging stations will cater to the BMW i3 94 Ah RE and where along your planned route you’ll need to factor in a short stop to recharge.

Charging the BMW i3

There are a number of options available to this particular model: a charging point at home or a public charging station. The option of charging at home is arguably the most convenient, as this is where people will most often charge their vehicles. It’s also worth bearing in mind that there is a government grant available - the OLEV grant - that may cover some or all of the cost of the installation of home charging units. You can additionally charge your BMW i3 from a range of public charging stations, which are widely accessible. Public chargers are increasingly available around most towns and cities. One last feature to note is that you can modify the BMW i3 charging speed via the settings inside the car itself.

Driving the BMW i3

There are plenty of positive attributes to experience when driving the BMW i3, which achieves a consistently impressive review rating in this category. For example, WhatCar? highlights the comfort of the car, as well as the logical layout of the dashboard and its ease of use. The car also gets an impressive rating when it comes to maneuverability, such as parking. The BMW i3 has both front and rear sensors, as well as a rear-view camera and an automatic parking system which is available as an optional addition.

The BMW i3’s intelligent safety system

Electric vehicles are innovative cars and have multiple features that appeal to those looking to drive at the cutting edge. The BMW i3 intelligent safety system is one of these features. The BMW i3 intelligent safety system first flashes a warning light that appears over the car’s speedometer. The system has been designed to make the BMW i3 safer to drive by helping to avoid a potential collision with another car, a cyclist or a pedestrian, for example. If there is no braking response from the driver then it will activate automatic braking to help reduce the potential for accidents and incidents. The system can be switched on and off at any time.

The BMW i3 is one of a new generation of electric vehicles that enables anyone to enjoy a great, long distance driving experience with all the environmental benefits of owning and running a green car. With positive ratings on its performance, refined motor and build quality, as well as the added bonuses of stylish interiors and a ‘superb’ infotainment system, this car is as impressive as it is practical. The additional convenience of optional home charging and a reliable range mean that this model truly was built with drivers in mind.