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EV revolution starts to take over the UK

European wide survey reveals significant trends emerging.

European-wide survey of EV (electric vehicle) drivers reveals changing attitudes towards the EV revolution

  • Room for companies to engage with the EV revolution as only 10% of respondents charge their EV at their workplace
  • Almost one-third (31%) do not own another vehicle outside of their EV
  • 30% of respondents believe they are saving €900 per year by choosing to drive an EV

07 February 2018. The latest findings from a European-wide EV (electric vehicle) driver survey signals changing attitudes to EV usage throughout Europe. The survey carried out by smart charging solutions provider NewMotion that had close to 7,000 respondents in total from EV drivers throughout Europe, questioned drivers about their EV usage, including their motivations for choosing electric and gives a compelling insight into the behaviour of the growing number of people joining the EV revolution.

The survey results show that full battery electric vehicles are the main vehicle of choice for drivers with 62% of respondents choosing 100% electric cars, while just under a third (30%) opt for plug-in hybrids. Almost one third (28%) of those surveyed drive their EV 70% or more of the time, while 31% of respondents do not own another vehicle outside of their EV, indicating that electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are fast becoming the primary vehicle of households.

EV drivers are finding genuine cost saving benefits with 30% of respondents revealing they save over €900 a year by driving electric. On a sentiment scale, contributing to a better environment was cited as being important to drivers. However, the main reason for choosing an EV was because owners simply like the feel of driving electric.

The real area for growth appears to be around EV infrastructure in the workplace. The EV survey revealed only 10% acquired their EV through their company, whereas 62% bought privately. Only 10% charge their EV at work compared to 65% at home and 27% in public places, which suggests an opportunity for companies to provide more charging points, so users can drive their EV to work.

EV Revolution in the UK The UK is already making significant steps towards an EV revolution. In 2017, Britain installed 2,833 public EV charging points, while the November budget saw the chancellor commit to making £400 million available to help the implementation of a national charging network.

UK based EV drivers are already reaping the benefits of the transition to electric with 38% of respondents stating they are saving nearly £800 a year by driving an EV. However just 10% of UK respondents charge their EV at the workplace. There are government incentives available for industries such as the Energy Saving Trust’s Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) that provides companies with a grant of £300 towards the installation of a charging point, which should see this figure grow in years to come.

On the topic of looking into future trends, when respondents were asked “what do you think will change in the future of electric vehicle charging”, 76% of UK respondents wanted to see higher performance and faster charging, allowing users more opportunity to get on the roads quickly and for longer periods of time. More conveniently located charge points also scored highly (74%) and in a nod to the future, 65% thought there will be a shift towards a more sophisticated, connected user system.