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Driving home for Christmas? If you aren't planning to, you should...

Britons traveling via electric vehicles could save over £100

December 13 2017 – London – Britons could save over £100 by ditching planes, trains and traditional petrol cars this Christmas, by traveling home in an electric vehicle (EV).

Research by electric vehicle (EV) smart charging solution provider NewMotion, which was recently acquired by Shell, has found that a return journey from London to Glasgow in an electric vehicle will save Christmas travellers £124 over the cost of catching a train, that’s the price of two averagely prices 5kg turkeys or 60 kilos of Brussel sprouts. With genuine savings to be made, NewMotion is urging the public to consider electric vehicles as a viable option for travel this Christmas.

Those travelling to and from Manchester from London by EV are set for a saving of £73 over the cost of a train fare for the same journey while those making their way to Newcastle could save £123 the same price as two Hatchimals, named as one of the top toys for Christmas 2017.

In comparison to seasonal train fares, which often take advantage of those making a Christmas escape,(1) significant savings can be made by choosing an electric vehicle for return trips by EV -

  • London to Birmingham – saving of £30. (that’s 20 metres of Christmas tinsel from Tesco!)
  • London to Manchester - saving of £74 (splash out on 9 Christmas Puddings from Aldi instead!)
  • London to Glasgow - saving of £124 (Post 193 first class stamps for Christmas cards filled with festive greetings to family and friends)
  • London to Newcastle - saving of £123 (that’s 20 delicious mince pies from Tesco)
  • London to Sheffield - saving of £113 (that’s almost 1 kilometre of wrapping paper!)
  • The figures for the findings are based on a fully charged (2) Nissan Leaf, which has a battery capacity of 30kWh and driving range of 250km.

UK Business Developer for NewMotion, Lee Feihn says, “For many, Christmas is a time to be reunited with friends and family. We wanted to show that travelling via an Electric Vehicle is a real and cost-effective option for travellers this festive season.”

With 115,000 electric cars registered in the UK and 13,000 charge points across 4,500 locations, demand for EVs, and a dedicated infrastructure to support them, is growing.

Lee continues, “While the infrastructure in place for EVs has improved significantly in recent years, there is still an urgent need for continued expansion to ensure we keep up with the demands of consumers to choose a cost-effective and eco-friendly option.”


  1. Return prices sourced from www.nationarail.co.uk on 29.11.17based on a return fare: outbound travelling December 22nd at 5:30PM returning January 01st after 3:00PM
  2. Fully charging a 30kW Nissan LEAF will cost about £3.64 and give you about 185 kilometres of range