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Over 150K charge points: Charging towards a zero-emission world

Today, the world is changing faster than we could have ever imagined.

While there is still much uncertainty about what will happen over the next few months, what we do know for sure is there remains a longer-term challenge we need to tackle: the climate crisis. As we recover from COVID-19, it is essential to keep our focus on making the world healthier and more sustainable.

For us at NewMotion, that means continuing to help create a robust e-mobility ecosystem, as charging infrastructure is central to the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). This is why we’re pleased to announce that NewMotion now has 155,000 charge points in our network across 35 countries. For us, it’s an incredible milestone and a defining moment of our journey to making e-mobility accessible for everyone, while helping cities and countries to meet their climate targets.

The European economy has begun taking steps on their journey towards post-pandemic recovery, with most internal EU borders opening this week. We hope that our milestone will enable people to travel further from home and start planning for road trips this summer with ease of mind.

From 0 to over 150,000

E-mobility was still largely new territory when NewMotion was founded in 2009. Since its inception, our company has played a key role in encouraging the greater uptake of EVs.

It took us 10 years to reach our 100,000 charge point milestone, which we achieved back in March 2019. Just over a year later, we have already added another 55,000 public charge points to our network. This is a shining example of how rapidly the adoption of EVs is increasing and, with the support of government policy and partnerships, we look forward to growing this network further.

As adoption of e-mobility picks up pace, accommodating the transition with the right infrastructure, services and connectivity is critical. Because for the consumer, it is not just about the car, it is about the whole ecosystem. This is where partnership and collaboration are crucial, so that we can collectively give people the confidence to embrace change.

NewMotion currently collaborates with over 200 roaming partners to ensure customers can effortlessly travel anywhere. We already have more than 170,000 registered driver charge cardholders across 35 countries in Europe accessing these benefits.

Interoperability - the future of roaming

We know that charging infrastructure is key to mass EV adoption - NewMotion’s recent EV Drivers Survey 2020, the largest annual survey among EV drivers in Europe, showed almost half (46 percent) of the surveyed drivers mention that an increase in the availability of charge points would significantly improve their charging experience.

This is where interoperability comes in. Interoperability refers to an open network where partners use each other’s services, with the same charge card. It optimises the user experience, similar to the way telecom networks and carriers made it easy for people to access mobile services when travelling outside their network’s usual geographical coverage area.. The benefit of this is that EV drivers do not have to navigate multiple billing, identification and communication systems from each service provider. People can simply focus on getting from point A to point B, without hassle. Such interoperability agreements have been credited for helping to fuel EV adoption in countries like Germany and the Netherlands.

This is why our 155,000th charge point is more than a milestone - it represents another leap forward for tomorrow’s transport solutions. With every new EV on the road, we are getting closer to a zero-emission future.

Where are we headed

It’s important to recognise that as e-mobility makes great strides in powering sustainable travel, this is still a relatively young industry. Interoperability will undoubtedly lead to better customer experience for EV drivers. With greater coverage and visibility of the network, we are confident this will be a catalyst for a new audience to join the EV movement.

Pricing transparency and consistency across charge point operators is an area that still needs the collective attention and efforts of all parties involved. NewMotion will continue leading the charge in this field and put our customer’s needs first. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers have clarity in regards to pricing and assurance that they can travel across Europe with sufficient and affordable charging stations.

We would like to take this moment to thank all our customers for choosing to drive electric and our partners for helping us reach this milestone. We look forward to continuing this momentum- so here is to the next 150K and beyond.