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10 years in charge of the mission

How our people make it happen

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Our people try, fail and try again

From the start, we’ve encouraged our people to try new things and explore the unknown. For our event - 10 years in charge - we, therefore, wanted to try something that wasn't done before: let cars power the entire event with V2X and simultaneously visualise this. Not just with animation, but up to our standards: with factual, real-time information. But for this, all the energy in the building should be measured, exactly pulled from the cars connected and visualised this data real-time on a screen. At the same time. A big challenge and after trying, connecting, and modifying we needed to admit: we couldn't.

We are not afraid to acknowledge if we are unaware or wrong. That’s why we consulted experts - Anything Agency, hat focus on creating portable power for events. Together, we tried again until a test ensured that it worked. And that is how our people make it happen. Each employee takes responsibility in their area of focus and aims to become an expert in their field. We want to provide factual, careful, and specific information to support our duties and goals. Whatever that takes.

Our people go the extra mile

We believe that the right mindset is essential to make a lasting change. At our workplace, we are committed to caring, both towards the interests of our team members, customers, partners and the environment. We do all in our power to give our customers a seamless charging experience anyplace anytime.

And sometimes that brings us on interesting sidetracks. Customer care member Ruben has once even delivered a new charge cable to a customer on a location, as his own was stuck in the charge point, or biked to a parking garage during his shift to unplug a cable for a customer personally. To not mention the times that we delivered emergency charge cards to customers. Tiny acts of kindness. Efforts that show that our employees take initiative and go the extra mile. Whatever that means.

large-Plugnparty community

Our people know how to celebrate

Pioneering in an industry can be tough. We added some fun, by delivering memorable little touches that make people smile. In the years the EV movement arose, public charge points were a rarity. NewMotion acquired licenses for public charge points at the municipality, e.g. for customers that lived in the city that had no private parking space to get a private charge point installed on. Whenever a public charge point was installed in Amsterdam, this was a milestone for the EV movement.

That’s why the installations of the first charge points in 2010 were celebrated by NewMotion with a Plug & Party. People from the community were invited by a text message for a party on a secret location. The day before, the location was shared. Once the charge point was installed, NewMotion plugged in a DJ into the charge point and started a party on the streets of Amsterdam. Delightfully surprising, exactly how we like it.

At NewMotion, we're proud of our mission and how our people make it happen. Our company culture is down to earth to achieve positivity and spread positive energy, everywhere we go. And our culture is what makes us who we are. Support our mission too by signing up for our newsletter or liking us on social media by using the buttons below.