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10 years in charge of partnerships

A decade of partnerships has enabled more people to drive more kilometres powered by electricity. From our partnerships with multinational businesses empowering their fleets to switch to efleets and offering mobility as a service, to collaborating with other charging networks to expand our grid and helping car manufacturers to complete their offering : all with the goal to make driving electric easier and more convenient for more drivers. Today, we look back to the highlights of 10 years of partnerships.

Car manufacturers

From the start, we partner with car manufacturers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi and Volvo to help their drivers charge their electric cars carefree, both at home and on the road. Since May 2019, we expanded this list with Groupe Renault, as we became the preferred emobility partner for Renault’s Z.E. line of all-electric cars. As Groupe Renault is a true pioneer in the e-mobility industry by making EVs more mainstream, our combined expertise creates great future opportunities.

We started off by making emobility charging even more accessible for Renault drivers. To do so, NewMotion develops and delivers special edition home charge points for all Renault electric vehicles, including a set of supporting smart services for drivers at home. Customers now can get both their EV and EV charging system directly from Renault, creating a one-stop-shop EV solution including services from advice, till installation and customer care afterwards.

partnership image 2


On our mission to make EV charging more easy and accessible for anyone, we aim to expand into new markets and consolidate our position as Europe’s largest mobility service provider. 2018 was a significant moment in this, as this was the year we made the first deal with a pan-European leasing company: Arval.

Our partnership with Arval allowed the company to offer home and workplace EV charging, EV charger installation and smart charging services to their private customers and businesses including the Business Hub, Dynamic Power Sharing and the Group Charge App. But most importantly: it allowed even more drivers to get access to the largest European charging network. Drivers in Norway were the first to benefit from the roll-out of this joint initiative and today, over 35 countries are accessible through the network.

partnership image


When partnering with other businesses, we always make sure it benefits the end-driver too. Knowing that 40% of electric vehicle charging takes place at the workplace, we partnered with JLR to install 166 NewMotion office charging stations, all powered 100% by renewable energy. The charge points will offer both financial and environmental benefits for PHEV and BEV drivers while providing a convenient and sustainable solution for employees who can’t charge at home.

It is one of our core qualities to optimise EV charging points and installation for specific situations and locations. Jaguar Land Rover was such a case: this was the largest electric car charging point installation of its kind in the UK. NewMotion installed 166 NewMotion charge points for employee charging at the JLR Gaydon engineering centre. Jaguar Land Rover sources 100 per cent renewable electricity for its UK facilities and is now able to support carbon-free commuting with infrastructure and services powered by NewMotion.

When on a mission, you need good partners in crime. From partners in the roaming network to selling partners: they all help us to make EV charging easier and more accessible for end-drivers. Support our mission too by signing up for our newsletter or liking us on social media by using the buttons below.