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Insights into UK EV Drivers

Annually we run one of Europe’s largest EV Driver Surveys. With over 8,000 respondents, we can really get an idea of what EV enthusiasts value and where they think the future of e-mobility is headed. Let us take you on a little trip through some of the wonderful highlights!

Aesthetics over money

In the UK driving electric is becoming more and more popular. In 2017 alone, an additional 48,100 electric vehicles were registered. We discovered that over two-thirds (67%) of the participating UK EV drivers went full green with a full-electric car, with the Renault ZOE being the most favorite. Their most important reasons for going electric, were not financial - even though almost half of the respondents (44%) believe they can save over £900 per month - but the aesthetics of the car, plus the comfort of driving electric were leading aspects. With cool electric vehicle models coming out in the near future, we expect more UK drivers trading their internal combustion engine car for a slick EV.

Making the smart choice

There are numerous smart products and services deployed in the world of electric driving to make charging an electric vehicle as efficient and sustainable as possible. One of the latest developments is Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology, which allows your car to not only charge but also discharge to balance the electricity grid - by returning power from the car battery when necessary. This technology will help support an energy transition to enable cars to become mini power stations. Even though UK EV drivers indicate not having extensive knowledge about V2G technology, it is something they are increasingly interested in; with 59% of the respondents stating that they would like to make use of V2G technology, even when they are not able to save or earn any money with it. The main motivation is increasing the use of renewable energy. Saving money is actually their last motivation, which seems to be a recurring theme.

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