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E-Mobility - An Unlocked Competitive Advantage for Architects, Property Developers, and Construction Companies

Preparing for the future.

EV numbers are rising fast globally. In fact, March 2018 was a record breaking month in terms of EV sales in automotive history. With more EV sales, comes higher demand for charge points. Charge points are a necessary component of EVs and some groups, like the European Council, have noticed this. So much so, that in 2020, all new and renovated buildings will require 1 mandatory charge point per 10 parking spots. What does this mean for property developers and designers?

The switch to electric mobility will not only impact the automotive industry. Building developers, architects and construction companies have a lot to prepare for and the benefits can be twofold. If the trend continues, looking ahead 20 to 30 years, architects and developers should assume that most cars on the road will be electric. The rise in EVs will create drivers that demand more accessible charge points at long stay locations such as offices, homes, restaurants or malls. Those designing and constructing office, home, or shopping locations should begin planning the implementation of charging infrasctructure proactively. If done correctly, there are benefits that will surely materialize.

E-mobility: An unlocked competitive advantage for Architects, Property Developers and Construction Companies

Revenue benefits of charge point infrastructure.

EV drivers that visit homes, apartments, and shopping centers, will begin to highly value the availability of charge points at these locations. For example, shoppers may choose malls or stores that allow them to charge during their time there while homeowners may factor in charging infrastructure as a significant buying decision when looking for a new apartment or home. Essentially, by offering accessible charge points, property value can increase significantly while opening up doors to a wider target market. Providing smart charge solutions is a way for developers to distinguish their property, cater to the needs of a new wave of drivers, and encourage a wider tenant base than previously possible. When EVs become the majority of vehicles on the road compared to traditional ones, charge points will be necessary for those going home, to work, or to shop.

Environmental benefits of charge point infrastructure.

Apart from the competitive advantage architects and construction developers may enjoy, installing charging infrastructure also enhances green initiatives and commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Reinforcing positive and sustainable driving by offering EV charging solutions is a commendable thing to contribute in. The phrase, "If you build it, they will come," is one that fits well for this situation. A previous survey has shown that workers are 20 times more likely to purchase an EV if their employer offers charging at work. Knowing there are EV charge points available can make a significant difference for those choosing whether to drive an EV or not. Range anxiety can become a thing of the past, making electric mobility an even more attractive alternative to traditional engines. While charge points may bring in revenue streams and a wider tenant base, it also evidently promotes and encourages environmental commitment.

E-mobility: An unlocked competitive advantage for Architects, Property Developers and Construction Companies

Getting started!

Those looking to place themselves at the forefront of this automotive transition should devise a plan as soon as possible with regards to future property development. Understanding where to begin is not challenging without preparation. To learn more, we have provided links below to our 'Charging Solutions' page, where we offer you a breakdown for each property type, charging recommendations, advice, quotes, and much more to get yourself prepared for the electric future!

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