Summer 2018 is being kicked off in an exciting way. This summer, we are offering the chance for some lucky EV drivers to go on an adventurous road trip, showcasing their travels and experience, and dispelling the myth of range anxiety! Below, we provide more information on this trip, how to get involved, and what's in it for you.

The NewMotion Great Electrip

This summer in July and August, we will be sending lucky EV drivers on a summer road trip! During this trip, drivers will be filmed and recorded as they showcase the extensive NewMotion public charge network and debunk the myth of range anxiety that has enveloped the EV world. Cameras, microphones, and dashcams will be installed with drivers sharing their experiences with NewMotion followers and EV enthusiasts through social media, press releases, blogs, and newsletters. 

What's in it for you? Free charging! Of the participants that are selected, those who can successfully complete their road trip challenge, we'll cover all your charging costs for the entire trip! (Terms & Conditions apply)

For this challenge, all EV drivers that hold a NewMotion charge card are invited to participate. Although we can only select a handful of drivers, we want to give everyone an equal chance of participating in this exciting challenge. Below, you can find the requirements to get involved. 

Requirements for Participation

  • Must be a NewMotion customer
  • Must drive a full EV - model type does not matter
  • Must be open to being filmed and recorded in their car
  • Willing to share experiences with NewMotion and our fans through social media, press releases, blogs, newsletters, and other public mediums. 
  • Must possess their own social media account
  • Must agree to Terms and Conditions

Process for EV Drivers

Dashcams will be installed in EV to record the trip and experiences. 

Drivers will complete a daily, short video diary explaining their experiences with charging, travelling, and more. 

Drivers will share their video material through their own social media accounts as well as through NewMotion's channels. 

Those selected are encouraged to have fun with the video footage, showcasing their entertaining selves!

Interested in participating? Here's how

If you, or anyone else you know, is interested in an exciting summer adventure with a good chance to win free charging, please head over to our questionnaire (in English) where we ask some general questions relating to your destination, EV type, and more. Please, feel free to share the questionnaire with other EV enthusiasts you think would be willing to join. 

French Questionnaire - Dutch Questionnaire - German Questionnaire - English Questionnaire 

In addition, make sure that you read the 'Terms and Conditions' carefully.