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The Future of Electric Vehicles

Since 2016 the number of electric vehicles has increased dramatically from under 1 million to surpassing 2 million vehicles sold globally in 2017. The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Belgium, and other major European countries have recognized this milestone and have started to prepare for it in many different ways. Entering 2018, the EV industry shows no signs of slowing down. This year may mark a turning point in the ultimate goal of electrifying European roads and will certainly present many technological developments with regards to EV charging infrastructure, pricing, driving range, and availability.

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A Generation in Charge

Our cloud-connected charge points continue to bring more access and convenience to businesses and electric vehicle drivers through smart technology that monitor usage and plans journey’s whilst managing costs and load balance power requirements from the national grid.

Cloud-connected smart charge points

Charge cards used across the network

Charge sessions per day with a NewMotion charge card

Million liters of petrol avoided by driving electric***

Of CO2 emissions prevented ***

Charged since 2009

I have explicitly looked at a 100% electric car. I find it very important to be able to pass along this earth to my grandchildren. Everybody should be driving electric, it is so comfortable.

Mr. Lasters

Driving as many kilometers electrically as possible has become a sport for me.

Mr. Haccou

* Source: ThinkProgress
** Source: World Economic Forum
*** based on representative example of a Honda Civic which uses 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers