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Business, Retail and Fleet Parking Location Solutions

From IKEA to Amazon, we’ve worked with a number of leading corporates to offer their business, its employees, and visitors, smart charging solutions for their daily EV charging requirements. We help retail locations attract and retain customers through electrified parking spots and business locations make the switch to fleet electrification.


Large corporate business and retail locations are determined to offer employees and visitors a smart charging solution to satisfy a growing need.

For businesses, EV charge points at the workplace signifies their environmental commitment as well as social responsibility.

Our Solution

For retailers, the benefits are clear. Providing EV charging solutions increases customers “dwell time” and spending, simultaneously satisfying their needs of EV drivers arriving at their locations. In order to do this, we provide business and retail locations with tailored solutions.

Parking Locations turn into Charging Stations

Convert your parking locations into charging stations with our Business Line for easy expansion. Regardless of your grid connection, we’ll be able to install your charging infrastructure without any grid upgrades.

Complete Control of your Charging Infrastructure

Gain oversight and visibility of all your charge points via our business chargepoint management dashboard. Our easy-to-use system allows business owners to confidently oversee, as well as control, all charging practices.

Access to Europe’s Largest Charge Network

Offer your drivers access to our public charge network via a charge card and app.

Scale up your Infrastructure with Confidence

Equip you with knowledge of their new charging infrastructure, and its future capabilities. We advise on the right solution for you today, and give you the right support for expansion tomorrow.

Support, Services, and so much more

Provide a host of services that make implementation simple. These include ongoing maintenance and support.

Our involvement with various business locations aims to advise them on charging solutions while providing the necessary smart services to ensure that charge points were used fairly and most of all, as efficiently as possible.

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Implementation & Outcome

By partnering with locations, we were able to electrify large amounts of parking spots with Business Pro charge points. In addition to this, Home Advanced charge points can be sold to individual employees.

Notable Remarks

  • Office locations trust NewMotion to deliver the most efficient method of implementing and installing charge points relevant to the office location and total number of parking spots.
  • Offerings of services such as automatic reimbursement, smart insights, and 24/7 support ensure ensure convenient charging for office locations.
  • NewMotion’s past experience with business locations and large corporates illustrates credibility and reliability in the eyes other locations.

Our Business, Retail & Fleet Partners

Read about our charging solutions for business locations in this PDF.