NewMotion charge points bring an elegant and affordable solution to private home charging, where carefully engineered Dutch Design meets industry grade safety specifications. Including a personal online user portal for the configuration and management of your private charge point, with real-time insights into charging sessions, energy usage and cost - you are always in complete control. Coupled with a hassle free installation process, a charge point that charges faster and safer than alternatives, we offer the perfect solution for private homeowners. With the unmatched safety compared to your conventional 220V outlet, issues such as heated wiring, durability, and concerns over individuals around your charge point and electric vehicle, are a thing of the past.

If you reside in an apartment, click here - and find out how NewMotion can help get your (shared) parking location EV ready.

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With a complete package, serving all your electric vehicle needs, at home and on the go, you know that we’ve always got you covered. From your private home charge point , your free charge card and mobile app, as well as your own online dashboard - we’re with you every step of the way.

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NewMotion charge points; a fine example of elegant and functional Dutch design - winner of the international Red Dot Award 2016 for product design. We don’t just stop at the aesthetics, what’s under the hood has also been rigorously tested, and with resistance to rain and heavy impact, you know a NewMotion charge point is there for the long haul. Read more about awards, safety and protection certifications and uptime of the charge points. Comparing to a 220V outlet, you’ll never have to worry about heated wiring, and you will know that your vehicle and power supply are protected by a dedicated piece of equipment, specifically designed to support the physical attributes of electric vehicle charging. Incorporating a handy holding system for the charging cable, integrated into the charge point and an energy-efficient LED light indicating charge status, your convenience is also key at home.

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Get your electric vehicle fully charged faster. Charging with the NewMotion charge point is up to 8 times faster than your conventional 220V outlet, and prettier - with customizable colors, you can always add your own personal touch to your charge point.

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